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How did Earl Boen Die? Acting Legend And Terminator Actor Died

How did Earl Boen Die

According to sources, Terminator star Earl Boen died at 81. The actor is said to have died in Hawaii on Thursday (January 5) after being diagnosed with lung cancer. TMZ was informed of his death by a family member. The retired film, television, and voice actor was best known for The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Terminator: Dark Fate as criminal psychologist Dr Peter Silberman.

Who is Earl Boen?

He is the only actor other than Arnold Schwarzenegger to have appeared in all three Terminator films. Films in which he has appeared include 9 to 5, The Prince of Sioux City, and My Stepmother Is an Alien. Boen has also appeared in films such as To Be or Not to Be and Walk Like a Man. He resigned from screen acting in 2003, but the New York-born celebrity continued to work as a voice actor in movies, television, and video games.

How did Earl Boen Die?

In 1970, Boen married actress Carole Kean. She died of ovarian cancer on April 23, 2001, at age 58. Boen was diagnosed with lung cancer in the fall of 2022 and died in Hawaii on January 5, 2023. His wife, Cathy, daughter, and two grandsons survive him.

Earl Boen was an American actor best known for his roles in The Terminator. Boen began acting in the mid-1950s and worked with many repertory groups between 1965 and 1976 before heading to Hollywood.

Notable Career of Earl Boen:

Boen was well noted for portraying the dramatic actor Edwin Blackgaard in Focus on the Family’s “Adventures in Odyssey,” and Edwin’s evil twin brother Regis. He played Sergei Gurlukovich, a role he later returned to in the Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance rerelease. Other appearances include Colossus in X-Men: Legends and a variety of Star Trek characters. From 2002 to 2016, Boen’s voice could be heard on the Disneyland Railroad, and from 2002 until late 2010, on the Walt Disney World Railroad. Boen withdrew from cinematic acting in 2003, but he continued as a voice actor in cartoons on television and video games.

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