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Immy Nunn Cause of death: Who was Immy Nunn?

Imogen Nunn, also known online as Deaf Immy, passed away at the age of 25. Following the news of her passing, the deaf community honored the content creator.

Immy Nunn: Who was she?

Nunn, a 25-year-old deaf content creator from Brighton, amassed over 720,000 TikTok followers and 15,000 Instagram followers by posting videos about deafness, the LGBTQ community, and mental health.

She also served as an ambassador for the clothing line Lucy and Yak, according to her Instagram account.

When did Immy Nunn die?

According to a post from her partner Becky Helen on Instagram, Nunn passed away on January 4, 2023.

Helen penned the following in the caption: “Every day I kept checking my phone and waiting for you to text me. The past three years have seen daily texts to us. Who can I tell my story to since I no longer have anyone to text?

“I don’t believe this to be real, I am aware that a significant permanent hole will remain in my heart.

You are in pain, and it makes me incredibly sad. And I’m powerless to revoke your possession. I sincerely hope that you are now at peace because I am incredibly proud of everything you have accomplished in battle.

Deaf Immy nunn tiktoker last heartbreaking videos before death , so touching - YouTube

Source: youtube

“I’m so happy I came across you in life. You brought me such joy and helped me fall in love once more. Everyday will be difficult with this. I’ve never met anyone as stunning, resilient, loving, and caring as you.

“I ducking love you forever and always. [Heart emoji] From here to Saturn.

“P. I am aware that this video is lengthy, but the conclusion is worth watching. Our paths will cross once more. This is not a farewell. I’ll see you soon, sweetheart. “.

A montage of images and video clips of Nunn appeared in the Instagram video that Helen shared.

Helen also said: “I’ve lost my words. I’m content, Immy. I’m aware that a sizable permanent hole will remain in my heart. I want you to know that you are not alone in talking about mental health. She comes to mind whenever I see a rainbow or the moon. She will always be a part of my memory. Immy, you are my favorite. “.

Nunn is seen singing along to Vera Lynn’s song We’ll Meet Again in the final moments of the video. No specifics about Nunn’s passing have been made public.