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How Did Russell Pearce Die? State Senator Is No More

Russell Pearce, the former Arizona Senate President, has died. He was 75. Let’s look closely at Russell Pearce and his cause of death.

How Did Russell Pearce Die?

His family issued the following message on social media to notify of his passing: “Our dear Russell Pearce has died away.” Friends and Colleagues, Russell K. Pearce, our stalwart, died tonight after getting ill at home in Mesa earlier this week. He dedicated his life to God, family, and nation. Pearce adored us, and we loved him. He has significantly impacted many people by working for liberty and justice for decades. We have been fortunate to have him here for the past 75 years. The family requests privacy during this difficult time as we remember our dear Russell. According to a spokeswoman for the Arizona Senate Republicans, Pearce died of an illness at his home on Thursday. His loving wife, children, grandchildren, and siblings surround him—nieces, nephews, and some of his closest acquaintances. According to reports, the former state senator died due to an illness.

Who is Russell Pearce?

Russell K. Pearce was an American far-right politician who served as a Republican in the Arizona State Senate. He rose to national prominence as the primary sponsor of Arizona, a contentious anti-illegal immigration bill. Still, Pearce was removed from office in a November 2011 recall election, becoming the state’s first legislator to be removed from office. Russell was the Vice-Chair of the Arizona Republican Party until September 2014, when he resigned following a backlash over a eugenicist remark about the forced sterilisation of impoverished women on Medicaid.


Pearce drew criticism in 2006 when he called for the resurrection of Operation Wetback. This 1950s immigration enforcement programme deported or encouraged the self-deportation of 1.3 million illegal immigrants (including hundreds of US citizens) in less than a year. Hispanic organisations felt that the name “wetback” was derogatory. His association with homicidal white supremacist J. T.

In 2004, Pearce was spotted attending Ready’s baptism into the LDS Church. According to church records, Pearce was also ordained Ready to the LDS priesthood in 2004.

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