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Caleb Swafford | HCSO says a Houston police officer hit and killed a man responding to a call

In Houston, Police struck and killed a man Caleb Swafford in response to a call, according to HCSO reports. Know more about the man Caleb Swafford and why the Housten police officer killed him.

Caleb Swafford

The family members recognized the man who was struck by police officers in north Harris county last Wednesday; he was discovered as Caleb Swafford. In the 5500 block of Aldine Bender near Picton Drive, a clash occurred around 11:38 PM. The officer responded silently on behalf of a report without turning on his sirens or other accessories.

Who is Caleb Swafford


Caleb Swafford’s family members identified him. On the incident time, Swafford was walking to his friend’s home to spend the night when a Houston Police officer struck Caleb while he was driving in the middle lane of Aldine Bender. The police officer tried to save Swafford, but he died on the spot, according to officials.

24 year Caleb Swafford was recognized by his brother Cameron Swafford. Cameron said, “he was crossing the street to visit a friend to spend the night who was nearby our house. He further added, “If I had been driving too fast and had run into someone, I would already be in jail. The same outcomes ought to occur, you understand?”

Role of the police in the case

Who is Caleb Swafford

Source: NewsBreak

This happened on just west of the Eastex Freeway on Aldine Bender Road at Lee Road around 11.30 PM. The police officer who was the charge of the investigation responded to a report without turning on his siren or lights and killed the man standing in the centre of the road, as the Harris County Sheriff’s Office told.

The police officer tried to help the Swafford on the spot but could not be succeeded. After all the incidents, it is not clear that speed played a role in the clash. Harris County District Attorney’s Vehicular Crimes Division’s Sean Teare told the media that they would take everything into account and soon start the investigation.

Police are searching for any footage of the incident. The primary officer involved in this incident has worked for the last two years with the Houston Police Department, according to the Houston police. He will be sent on administrative leave until further investigation of the case. A jury will still be thinking about whether charges should be filed or not into the matter. Police officer Teare said, “these type of incidents are really very painful and unfortunate.”

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