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What happened to Fred the Elephant Boy? Howard Stern’s Wack Pack member dies at 64

wack packer fred the elephant boy
Image Source: Distractify

“The Elephant Boy” Fred Schreiber died at 64, leaving huge fans confused about what happened to their favourite actor. The longest-serving member of the show Wack pack. The iconic actor Fred died, confirmed by the show earlier this week. Fred Schreiber was famous for his appearances in the series and stunts after making his first call to the studio in 1988. Now people are paying tribute to their favourite actor on social media.

How The Elephant Boy Died

wack packer fred the elephant boy

Source: Howard Stern

On Howard Stern’s website, an obituary was posted; this tells that The Fred ‘The Elephant Boy’ died due to complications caused by blood clots. Fred Schreiber was 64 years old at the time of their death. According to health experts, blood clots can form in any blood vessel and might move to other parts of the body, like the heart, brain, and lungs. All these causes may lead to severe complications because the clot may stop blood flow to other organs.

Science fiction author JG Fahey Paying tribute on Facebook “After few days Fred was admitted to hospital. Fred was a fan of horror fiction and often told him how much he loved his books. The author surprised the actor by featuring him as a cop investigating a murder scene in his latest book and said Fred was “so happy” about his involvement in the project.”

Fans pour tribute on Social Media

Fred made his debut on November 28, 1988, in Howard Stern’s studio. He was the most loved character of the show; he spent 30 years with the show and this is the longest in the history of Wack Packer in the show’s history.

wack packer fred the elephant boy

Source: Howard Stern

Stern Show
R.I.P. Fred the Elephant Boy.

JG Faherty
I have no idea if he ever got the chance because it turns out he went into the hospital a few days later. I hope he did.

RIP, Fred. And Let’s Go, Mets, forever!

Hildy Silverman
I was so sad to hear about this on Howard today.

George M Lea
By far, he was my favourite Wack Packer

Jennifer Kliniewski Keck
Fred always had a great appearance on the show. He will be missed

Toda Via Pozo
RIP Fred. My favorite is and will always be Fred as Captain Korea. “I talk like a friggin’ foreigner. I fight for all Koreans everywhere.”

Jerry Perry
RIP Fred thanks for the laughs I love listening to you I don’t know what you said but all the same enjoyed

Rebecca Staub Felix
I’ve met Fred, Hank the angry dwarf, Crackhead Bob and Beetlejuice. Only one left of these big hearted awesome wack packers that I hung out with in the 90s. 💔

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