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How Did Judge Lynn Toler’s Husband Die? What Happened to Him?

Lynn Toler is best known as the face of daytime television’s Divorce Court, but she’s also a romantic. She had been married to her husband, Eric Mumford, for over 33 years before announcing his death on Instagram.

Who is Eric Mumford, the spouse of Judge Lynn Toler?

While one may expect a divorce court judge to have all the answers regarding relationships, Judge Lynn Toler revealed in September 2012 op-ed for The Huffington Post that her marriage wasn’t always flawless. For approximately 33 years, Toler’s other half was Eric “Big E” Mumford. Eric was born in Ohio on January 1, 1951. He met his future wife in 1986 and had four children from his previous marriage. But Judge Toler adopted them as her own, and they added two more children to their group of six. They married in 1989, celebrating more than three decades of marriage.

What did Judge Lynn Toler say about her marriage to her husband?

She stated in her op-ed that after 19 years of marriage, “Big E and I were off the road and deep in the weeds.” She detailed the scene from both perspectives, which wasn’t pretty. But then she went on to explain how the lessons she’d gained in Divorce Court had brought them back together. She wrote about their communication style and how, over a year and a half, she and “E” had broken down and rebuilt their marriage to resemble one in which they listened to each other and attempted to understand where the other was coming from. “We no longer act on that right-now feeling without considering long-term ramifications,” she remarked. “We have taken the conscious decision to be married.”

What was Eric Mumford’s cause of death?

While Eric Mumford’s cause of death has yet to be revealed, we know that he died on December 23, 2022. His wife shared the terrible news on Instagram, writing, “Eric Mumford Big E”. “I’m shattered into a million pieces.” The announcement was accompanied by a photo of the two, over which she’d written: “Wonderful dude. Both inside and out.” Since then, thousands of admirers have expressed their condolences.

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