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Matthew Haas was found Dead after being Missing for a few days

Matthew Haas went missing from new Berlin on the first of January 2023; as it was reported to the local police department, he was seen last on the Night of the 31st of January 2022 in the downtown area, and after that, no one spotted him. Recently on the third of January 2023, the police officers reported that the dead body which is discovered near the Wisconsin river was the dead body of Matthew himself. The police officers discovered the dead body of the 37-year-old, and there was no foul behaviour or evidence collected near the dead body. The police officers recently investigated the death and the exact reason for which the death happened.

Matthew Haas Death


Matthew Haas Death Details

Matthew Haas was discovered dead by police officers on the third of January, 2023, and the investigating department has stated that the death certainly happened on the second of January, 2023. The missing report was directly filed to the police officers on the first of January, 2023. There have not been any particular details available about the cause of death, and the tragic incident certainly happened. Still, the police officers do not have any particular knowledge about the overall incident and how the death happened in how a man from new Berlin reached the coast of the Wisconsin river. The investigation by the police department is continuing. There are still a lot of Investigation which needs to be done related to the topic as the police officers are still not very sure about the death.

Matthew Haas Death Cause

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Matthew Haas Cause of Death

Mathew Haas certainly died on the second of January 2023, and the police officers found the dead body on the third of January 2023 after a missing report of the dead body was provided to the police officers on the first of January 2023. He was missing from the 31st of December 2022 and was last sported in the downtown area. After that, there was his dead body discovered by the police officers, so it is estimated that the exact reason for his death will is murder as he was kidnapped by someone and taken to the riverside and then Murdered. The investigation of the police officers will directly provide a lot of important details about the cause of death.

Matthew Haas Missing Details

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Matthew Haas missing details

Matthew Haas was enjoying his life very much with his friends and family members as on the 31st of December 2022, he certainly had a very good plan with his family members and was very happy with his 31st night after completing the party itself suddenly went outside the downtown area, and he was last spotted in that particular area itself as any other individual did not see him after that. He certainly went missing on the first of January 2023, and the police officers received the report of the missing on the first of January 2023 itself; after a proper investigation been done by the police officers, the dead body was directly recovered on the third of January 2023 and the investigation of the police officer going on.


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Other investigation Details

Matthew Haas certainly went missing on the first of January, 2023. The investigation of the police officers started on that particular date as they certainly had to find out the major reason for which the missing happened after the discovery of the dead body on the third of January 2023. The police officers started the investigation of the dead body and how the death happened. The investigation certainly stated that the death and the missing were correlated to each other, and there was a certain plan which went about the exact reason for the kidnapping, which was direct to murder the individual. The death of Matthew has certainly got a lot of planning behind that.

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