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How did Alan Rankine die? A Well-Known Musician Died

Alan Rankine of The Associates died at the age of 64. Let’s look at how Alan Rankine died and the cause of death.

How did Alan Rankine die?

Alan Rankine, a well-known musician, and songwriter, died on January 2, 2023. His sons announced his death in a social media post. Several people close to Alan Rankine confirmed his death. Soon after his death was confirmed, his family and supporters began expressing condolences to Alan Rankine. “Unfortunate news today that Alan Rankine has died,” says Duglas T. Stewart, creator of the BMX Bandits. Alan came to my attention through The Associates, and I later got to know him a little. In this video, he looks stunning. “My heartfelt condolences to his family and everyone who loved him.” BBC reporter Vic Galloway adds, “Unbelievably tragic news… “RIP Alan Rankine.” “Unfortunate to hear the news that my close friend Alan Rankine of The Associates has gone,” writes Scottish journalist John Dingwall. We lived right across the street and had planned to meet for coffee. Condolences to Alan Rankine’s entire family and a final farewell to a great soul. Alan Rankine, may you rest in peace.

What is Alan Rankine’s Cause of Death?

Alan Rankine died. His sons Callum and Hamish Rankine revealed his father’s death on Tuesday, January 3rd, at 64. “He died peacefully at home just after spending Christmas with his family,” the statement said. “He was a lovely, gentle, and loving man who will be dearly missed.” Rankine’s sons said his Facebook profile would stay active and invited friends and family to remember him.

Who is Alan Rankine?

Alan Rankine was born on the 17th of May, 1958. He was a Scottish musician best known as the keyboardist and guitarist for the rock band, which he co-founded with Dundee vocalist and composer Billy Mackenzie in the late 1970s. The Scottish musician was born in Allan and later relocated to Edinburgh. The Affectionate Punch was driven by immense ambition, fusing synth-pop with baroque orchestration on par with Scott Walker. These are two of Scotland’s best musical partnerships. Alan Rankine left the band and released a series of well-received solo CDs before serving as a lecturer for many years.

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