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Who is Dana White Wife? Why is Dana White Trends on Google?

Dana White is already making the wrong kinds of headlines three days into the new year. The UFC president and his wife were caught on camera fighting while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on New Year’s Eve.

White is seen fighting with his wife in a video that was made public by TMZ on Monday. He is clearly drunk. By striking her husband across the face, Anne White made matters worse. White responded by slapping his wife in the face during the ongoing argument, but other party members stopped him. In statements, both White and his wife indicated that they had made up and asked for space to deal with the situation.

Unexpectedly, the managing editor of Pro Football Talk, Michael David Smith, pointed out that some “toxic” MMA supporters support pro-domestic violence, which caused several Reddit threads to be locked: Because so many UFC fans were posting about how it was actually OK for men to hit women, the MMA section of Reddit had to ban comments about the Dana White domestic violence video shortly after it was released. This is an example of the UFC’s toxic fan base. “.

No excuse, it is horrible' - UFC boss Dana White apologises after video shows him slapping wife on New Year's Eve | The Sun

Source: The Sun

A thorough investigation revealed a number of comments on various social media sites that seemed to support Dana White. Several Twitter users made amusing and supportive comments of domestic violence in response to the TMZ post.

“So she slaps him in the face with a whipping motion, and he immediately reacts by “slapping” back to stop her and defend himself. As a result, he receives criticism for his reaction and is blamed for the incident as a whole. world in which we live. “.
Another admirer wrote: She struck him first. He gave her a verbal “slap on the wrist” while admonishing her to stop. “.

After a physical altercation, Dana White’s wife issues a statement.

For a physical altercation that occurred during their New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cabo, Mexico, UFC President Dana White and his wife both apologized in public.

White and his wife Anne are seen in a nightclub’s VIP area in the video that TMZ published. In the video, White and his wife can be seen arguing, at which point she slaps him across the face. Before the two are abruptly split apart, White slaps her again.

The first time that tensions erupted to this point, according to Anne White, who spoke in a separate statement to TMZ.

“Dana and I have been wed for almost 30 years. To say that this is not typical of him would be an understatement. This situation has never occurred before. On New Year’s Eve, unfortunately, we were both drinking too much and things got out of hand on both sides. As a family, we have discussed this and offered our condolences to one another. For our children’s sake, I just ask that people respect our right to privacy. “.

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