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How did Sebastian Marino Die? The Former Guitarist Is No More

Sebastian Marino, the former guitarist for OVERKILL and ANVIL, has died.

How did Sebastian Marino Die?

Sebastian Marino, the former guitarist for OVERKILL and ANVIL, died at age 57. Marino died unexpectedly in the early hours after being brought to the hospital. Sebastian featured on three OVERKILL LPs in the 1990s: “The Killing Kind”, “From The Underground And Below”, and “Necroshine”. Sebastian Marino’s death was revealed on the OFFICIAL ANVIL Facebook page. We are heartbroken to learn about Sebastian Marino’s death on January 1st after a heart attack at age 57. He is a guitarist whose name has been heard for a while because he was primarily active in the 1990s.

The Career of Sebastian Marino:

Sebastian Marino was born in Rochester, New York, in 1965, and we first met him in 1989 in Anvil. During a transitional-experimental phase, Seb had the misfortune of being a member of two iconic formations, Anvil and Overkill. Only “Worth of the Weight” during his 7-year tenure with Anvil. According to a little-known story, Seb sought unsuccessfully to join Overkill in 1990. Around this time, Bobby Gustafson departed the band, and they were seeking a successor. Since then, they’ve been using two guitarists, albeit Gustafson’s departure has freed up Aeolos’ pockets, with Overkill still looking for a steady guitarist combo.

Tributes to Sebastian Marino:

Moxy, We at Dr Moxy want to express our sympathies to Sebastian Marino’s family and friends. A stalwart of our music community and the proprietor of the fantastic Audio Images. Seb, you and your talents will be much missed. Alex Ninevski, Where do I even begin… Everyone is commenting! Sebastian Marino is a friend, a mentor, a coworker, and a man with a golden heart! He got me started in the music business almost 20 years ago. I learnt a lot from him, assisted him when necessary, and mixed shows for him. This is a tremendous blow to the local music scene! I guarantee it!!!!

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