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How Did Rebecca Pratt die? New Orleans Radio Personality Is No More

Rebecca Pratt, aka John Osterlind, a former New Orleans radio personality, died. Let’s take a closer look at Rebecca Pratt’s death and cause of death.

How Did Rebecca Pratt Die?

Rebecca Pratt, aka John Osterlind, a former New Orleans radio anchor known for her outspoken on-air personality and deep relationship with listeners, died at 55. According to a police report and WWL-AM, building administrators discovered Pratt dead in her unit in the 900 block of Poeyfarre Street on Thursday. Bayou 95.7FM shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook. Rebecca Pratt’s death has left the community in mourning. When EMS arrived, he was pronounced dead on the site. His cause of death is unknown, and the NOPD has classified his death as “unclassified” pending the findings of an autopsy by a coroner.

Who is Rebecca Pratt?

Rebecca Pratt, a transgender woman who used to go by the name John Osterlind or the on-air pseudonym Ozone, was one of the out-of-town hosts hired by conservative talk station WRNO-FM as part of a 2008 reorganisation. According to Michael Castner, WRNO’s morning anchor at the time, she brought a “rock-and-roll mentality” to the comparably melancholy airwaves of New Orleans, relying on previous residencies in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. One frequent element was “Why Today Doesn’t Suck,” a hilarious history lecture on the current date. She was fired from a Boston talk radio station for making a disparaging statement against Palestinians. According to the station, she informed one of the participants in a debate about suicide bombers that Palestinians “had to go.”

Tributes to Rebecca Pratt:

Michael Castner wrote, “John Osterlind, rest in peace.” Rebecca Pratt. When I was the morning person on Rush radio in New Orleans, he was the afternoon guy. They had no idea the morning guy was gay and the afternoon guy was transgender. I just found out that John/Re Becca died. We received excellent ratings, which would not have been possible otherwise. Were we—what a depressing sentence. However, we both came out later in life and lived our truth. Take it easy, guy.” Sunni Womack said, “I got some horrible news today. One of my closest friends has died. John Osterlind, alias Rebecca Pratt, I adore you. You were one of the best.”

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