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How Did Abderrahim Tounsi Die? The Actor And Comedian Died At 86

Abderrahim Tounsi, the most outstanding actor and comedian of all time, has died. Let’s look at how Abderrahim Tounsi broke and what caused his death in detail.

How Did Abderrahim Tounsi Die?

Abderrahim Tounsi, commonly known as “Abdelraouf,” a famed Moroccan comedian, died at 86 on January 2, 2022. In a Facebook post, Abdelraouf’s son reported that the comic died after a long fight with an illness that required numerous hospitalizations. The death of Abderrahim Tounsi has left the community. It is currently unknown what caused it, and the actual Abderrahim Tounsi cause of death has not been revealed.

Who is Abderrahim Tounsi?

Moroccan comedian Abderrahim Tounsi. He made generations of Moroccans chuckle. During his stay in prison, this Casablanca orphan imprisoned by colonial officials developed a passion for theatre. Abderrahim Tounsi, with his silly and comic approach, triumphed where many others had failed. Abderraouf has evolved to denote mocking in Moroccan slang. This 1960s character was based on a classmate and has stood the test of time. Although many young people are unfamiliar with him because he vanished from screens and message boards 1, his name is frequently mentioned in conversations about the comic book creators. On December 6, 2016, the International Film Festival of Marrakech (FIFM) honored this exceptional actor, Abderrahim Tounsi, who made generations of Moroccans laugh.

Tributes to Abderrahim Tounsi:

“RIP Abderrahim Tounsi,” Azozu tweeted. One of the best Moroccan comedians of all time. He began his career in prison after being arrested for supporting the fight against the French colonial authorities. He turned the nation’s misery and grief into art.”
Ridouane El Amrani wrote, “We belong to Allah and will return to Him. Abderrahim Tounsi (born 1936 in Casablanca as Abderraouf) was a Moroccan humorist. He made Moroccans chuckle for generations. In captivity, this Casablanca orphan imprisoned by colonial officials discovered his passion for theatre. He succeeded where many others failed, thanks to television, with his character that was both burlesque and dumb. “May you rest in peace,” Abdessellam stated, “Abderrahim Tounsi, also known as Abderraouf, is no longer a Moroccan comedian. Generations of people have laughed at his numerous renowned sketches. We belong to Allah, and we will return to Him. God have pity on his soul.”

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