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Sofia Juarez Missing Update: Recent Update About A American Girl Missing Issue

Sofia Lucerno Juarez, a four-year-old American girl, went missing in Kennewick, Washington, in 2003. Her case was the first time an AMBER Alert was used in Washington.

Who is Sofia Juarez?

Sofia lived in an east Kennewick, Washington, residence on the 100 block of East 15th Avenue. Her mother, her grandmother, her grandmother’s partner, Jose Lopez Torres, and her six aunts and uncles all lived with her. Sofia’s ancestors were from Mexico. Maria Juarez was 20 years old at the time of her disappearance. Andres Gutierrez Abrajan, Juarez’s father, had no touch with the Juarez family. Jose Luis Juarez, Sofia’s grandfather, did not live on the property but would join the family shortly after her disappearance. Sofia was four years old when she went missing. The next day, she would be celebrating her fifth birthday. She has black hair and brown eyes, a mole beneath one of her eyes and a birthmark on her lower back. She was 3 feet tall, weighed 33 pounds, and had four upper front teeth missing when she went missing. Her ears are likewise pierced.

What Happened to Sofia Juarez?

Sofia went missing shortly after 8:00 p.m. on February 4, 2003, one day before her fifth birthday. She played with several little uncles at home with her mother. Jose Lopez Torres, her grandmother’s boyfriend, was getting ready to depart for a neighbouring convenience shop and had invited the youngsters to accompany him. Although the others declined, Sofia decided at the last minute to accept his offer. On the other hand, Torres was unaware that she had changed her mind. Sofia asked her mother at the store around this time. Maria observed Sofia leaving the room and heard her close the door as she exited the house.

Sofia Juarez Missing Update:

According to DNA evidence, the woman shown in a viral TikTok video last year was not Sofia Juarez, the small girl who went missing from her Tri-Cities family in 2003. According to the most current Kennewick Police Department update, DNA samples were received from the woman who resembled Sofia in a viral video released in the spring of 2021. On March 2, 2022, KPD investigators concluded that the sample was not a match following a lengthy effort to find and collaborate with the subject of this TikTok. KPD investigators attempted to reach the issue for several months after the TikTok video went viral last April. The woman’s alleged family members denied she was Sofia, but investigators wanted to make sure.

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