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One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoiler Out: Check Out Here the Interesting Spoilers

The spoilers and raw scans for One Piece chapter 1071 that have been revealed so far have caused quite a stir among fans looking forward to the year’s first release. Because of the anticipated events over the following several weeks, the upcoming chapter, titled A Hero Appears, is a suspenseful read. Nobody knows how long the Egghead arc will go. Still, it has already captivated viewers with its fast-paced tale and seamless incorporation of mind-boggling backstories, not to mention the promise of thrilling action sequences. What’s to come may make the compelling Gear Five Luffy vs Awakened Zoan Lucci battle appear like child’s play. Here are five significant spoilers for the upcoming One Piece chapter 1071, both exciting and terrifying.

Kuma arrivals:

According to One Piece chapter 1071 spoilers, Kuma will arrive in Red Port and cause widespread terror as he makes his way to Mary Geoise. It’s fantastic to watch him return to the World Government’s capital, where he was once enslaved. Kuma was last seen on Momoiro Island, which serves as the Revolutionary Army’s headquarters. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, he took off, startling everyone. Because Red Port is the only legal crossing point for the Red Line, he could be on his way to the New World, specifically Egghead Island.

The Straw Hats will get some unexpected help:

According to chapter 1071 spoilers, the Vegapunks have finished packing and are ready to board the Thousand Sunny. Edison, the Vegapunk satellite, claims to know only one person on the island who can assist them in escaping. He will be reluctant to approach them, though, because doing so will make them a target. Sentomaru has already betrayed the Marines by resisting the CP0 to help the Straw Hats with the Seraphims, for which he has incurred grievous injuries. Vegapunk will have no qualms about approaching this mysterious guy for aid.

Kaku Vs Zoro:

Kaku is humiliated by Vegapunk’s protection system, while Luffy plasters Lucci in what can scarcely be described as a duel between equals. Lucci will be dissatisfied and will continue to ignore the Marines’ directive that no one engages in combat with a Yonko without their authorisation because it might lead to war. Lucci does not believe Luffy to be a Yonko and intends to continue fighting. The Frontier Dome of Vegapunk’s laboratory will abruptly vanish, allowing the CP0 to invade, according to spoilers. They will uncover the Thousand Sunny, and Lucci will tell Kaku to destroy the ship so that the Straw Hats will not evacuate.

Garp vs. Blackbeard is on the way:

The base commander of Marine Headquarters G-14 Branch will be seen conversing with the former Marine Vice Admiral, Garp, according to One Piece chapter 1071 spoilers. Doll will send Garp to Egghead Island, where Kizaru has requested battleships to carry out his plot. On the other hand, Garp will be hesitant, claiming that he has just landed at the G-14 port. The scene would then cuts to an enthusiastic Garp telling a weeping Helmeppo that they will battle the pirates and rescue Koby, who Blackbeard captured. According to One Piece chapter 1071 teasers, he will go to Egghead first or to the area where Law against Blackbeard takes place.

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