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At 45, is Kanye West dead? Rapper Remains Missing

Rapper Kanye West is still missing, and some netizens worry that he might be found dead at the age of 45 soon. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband was missing for several weeks. What are the people thinking on the internet about the rapper? Let’s check out more details about all of this.

Kanye West has been missing?

kanye west

Image Source: New York Post

A few days ago, TvShowsAce reported that Kanye West was missing, and the strange thing is that no one knows where the rapper is. Earlier, the rapper deleted most of his posts on his Instagram profile, so it is not an excellent source to find information about him. Since December 18, no public appearance has been shown by the Kanye west. The paparazzi do not click on any new pictures on social media or any recent ones. So we can say it’s nearly two weeks since someone reportedly saw him live.

Some people find the reason behind this sudden missing; according to other news, the former business manager has been trying to find him ready to serve the rapper with a $4.5 million lawsuit. According to a previous report of TvShowsAce, Kanye West is currently homeless and shuffling from one hotel to another without having their own house to settle down. The fantastic thing is that all these things happened after he ended his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Is Kanye West dead?

kanye west

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On Twitter and Facebook, many people claimed that the rapper died at 45. Some have been posted falsely confirming the rapper was found dead, and some of the tweets reached on next level; they are claiming that Kanye West was found dead in a hotel. Let’s check out some interesting tweets about the famous rapper

roger gold
Is it true that Kanye west was found dead in his car in the desert outside of Coachella California this afternoon?

Kanye West, dead at 45

ʎuooɯ Al-Mumin 🧜‍♀️
Y’all Kanye’s missing & if he’s found dead we gotta admit, he knows some serious shit & some serious people. #KanyeWest #Kanye #KanyeMissing

Kanye west is dead what a great end of the year

Kanye West is Officially Missing!

There are paparazzi photos of Kanye West, but that’s dated December 18th.

No one has seen him for a couple of weeks.
No one had had any contact with him.
His family filed.


#Kanye #Missing #Fyp

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