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What happened to Riverside County Deputy Isaiah Cordero?

Riverside County Deputy Isaiah Cordero
Source - KTLA

As friends, family, and locals gather to honor and remember slain Riverside County deputy Isaiah Cordero, a memorial is growing in front of the Jurupa Valley sheriff’s station. Cordero’s uncle Carlos Padilla told FOX 11 that he “knew in my heart that my nephew had passed because I could feel it profoundly in my soul that his spirit left.”.

The 32-year-old deputy was shot and killed by a suspect while conducting a traffic stop on Thursday. Since 2014, Cordero has been employed by the sheriff’s office. Most recently, he was assigned to Jurupa Valley as a motor deputy. He was a role model for his family and committed to serving his community, according to his uncle, who spoke to FOX 11 about him.

He had a great deal of compassion. He would always say, “If I pull people over and they’re polite and courteous, I always give them a break.”. He continues, “I have to do my job, but I try to be as forgiving as I can of people who show me respect and courtesy,” and that describes the kind of person he is. “.Cordero’s assistance to his cousin inspired Padilla’s son to pursue a career as a deputy. We just felt that it was vital to show our respects in the slightest manner we could, a community member stated.

“To be able to come and simply pay your respects and to offer people a little peace at a time when everyone is in pain. Everyone loves music, and it just brings a little peace at a time when my coworkers and the community are suffering, according to sheriff’s department employee Jennifer Copper. To play at Cordero’s gravesite, her husband brought a small piano.

Associated: Riverside Company accused. Sheriff claims that despite having received a third strike conviction, the judge allowed the deputy killer to reenter society. The system, according to Cordero’s family, failed him, and they demand to know why the murder suspect who caused his death was not put in jail. He was let down by the law and the system he vowed to uphold. In fact, they put him to death. It’s challenging to say, but it’s the reality,” Padilla continued.

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