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Philippa Braithwaite is Martin Clunes famous wife. Who is she?

Philippa Braithwaite Martin Clunes
Image Source: Hello Magazine

Martin Clunes is the most famous face of Doc Martin’s show and has been playing the lead since the start of the series in 2004. The exciting thing is that he is not the only member of his family who worked on the show. Philippa Braithwaite is the famous wife of Martin Clunes, a great TV producer who also worked with her husband in the show Doc Martin.

And Now both are ready to surprise you with the upcoming documentary Farewell Doc Martin, which shows all the details about the show’s ten successful series. Philippa and Martin appeared in the documentary “Farewell Doc Martin” aired on December 29 on ITV1.

Philippa Braithwaite Martin Clunes

Image Source: My London

The exciting fact about Philippa is that she was the producer of every single series of Doc Martin since it started, on the other hand, she also produced other shows on ITV like Martin Clunes: Island of the Pacific and Manhunt, some of these shows also did by her husband, Martin. The couple was married in 1997 and have lived happily married for the last 25 years; Hawaii is where Martin Propose Philippa is.

Martin took the divorce of his first wife, Lucy Aston, in the year 1997, and the same year, he met Philippa. Both of them like to keep their personal and professional life private. Currently, both are living on a 130-acre farm at Dorse. Earlier, they met for work, and later they decided to spend the rest of life with each other; in London, a small marriage ceremony was held.

Philippa Braithwaite Martin Clunes

Image Source: The Telegraph

The coupled blessed a child named Ellie. He appeared in an episode of the show Doc Martin when she was a child, but later she found her career in equestrian. In an old interview, Martin shared his thought about Philippa “we both enjoy working together, and i felt happiese person when she took my side”.

During the release of “Farewell Doc Martin,” Philippa digs at her husband ” we all know that Martin is not doctor in real life but he still tries to give their advice as a proffesional doctor”. She further explained, “If someone is on antibiotics Martin will ask what they have been given, and we have to say to him’ you are not a doctor!’”

Philippa also remembered some exciting incident that happened with Martin ” We were in Paris at that time, and a group of women were on segways, and they clashed in an accident; at that time, Martin imminently turned into an action hero and went flying over to see the women, the women was little conscious that time she looked up at Martin and said, “It’s Doc Martin.”

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