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Aaron Duenke Missing Missouri River: Search Continues To Find Aaron

aaron duenke missing missouri river

After two days of looking, Aaron Duenke, 34, has yet to be found. He was last seen floating past the Washington riverside on a massive piece of ice around 2 p.m. Tuesday. Danna Harmon spotted him and captured a video of Duenke standing on the ice with a paddle in his hand. “We were all surprised, genuinely gobsmacked. “I have no idea why this person was on the ice,” she explained. The Washington Police Department responded to the riverside after being told of a person on an ice flow. But, according to Lt. Steve Sitze, Duenke waved them off, saying he was fine and had done this previously.

What Happened to Aaron Duenke?

Duenke is regarded as an adventurous person who has paddled down the Missouri River before. “Yeah, he supposedly did this last year but didn’t go as far. “I had no idea he was doing it this time,” said Curtis Duenke, brother. According to a relative, the journey on the ice flow was scheduled to end in Labadie, but family members lost contact with Duenke. Volunteers have been combing the river’s banks on foot. Big Muddy Adventures paddle guides have canoed 20 miles down the river from Washington to the Weldon Spring Conservation Area boat launch.

Volunteers are In Search of Aaron Duenke:

“There are a lot of experienced people in the paddling scene who are really determined to find him,” said Curtis Duenke. The Missouri State Highway Patrol has aided the hunt by flying over the river in a helicopter. Danna Harmon is still processing the shocking sight of a man floating down the river on the ice. And that the man went missing later on. “It was sad to think we might have been the final people to see him,” she said. A Facebook page has been set up to keep track of developments in the search for Duenke. More volunteers are needed to help scour the river’s banks on foot. The Duenke family is also looking for volunteers who can help with the search with drones.

The last time Duenke was heard from was around 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday. The Washington, Missouri Authorities Department received a complaint earlier that Duenke was paddling down the river on a chunk of ice. Still, when police called him at around 1:00 p.m., he claimed he was experienced and had done it many times before. He was not apprehended because his activities, while dangerous, were not strictly criminal.

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