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Who is Jake Paul Girlfriend? Who is Jake Paul Dating?

Jake Paul Girlfriend
Source: Sporting News

American YouTuber/vlogger turned professional boxer Jake Paul is 24 years old. Before the Vine app was discontinued in 2017, Jack initially achieved fame similar to that of his elder brother Logan. He later relocated to YouTube, where his prank videos and vlogs helped him become well-known and wealthy. At the moment, Paul is worth more than $10 million. He was 3-0 in his boxing career, which was also highly successful. On April 17th, he defeated veteran UFC fighter Ben Askren by way of a first-round TKO. He battled and beat NBA legend Nate Robinson and YouTuber AnEsonGib, giving him a perfect record. As Logan Paul’s predecessor with KSI 1, Paul also participated in a white collar match against KSI’s younger brother Deji, which he won by TKO. Although he has yet to fight real professionals, he has had a solid start to his career so far.

Jake Paul Girlfriend List: Who Has He Dated So Far?

Given his internet celebrity status, many women seem to be interested in dating Jake Paul. Combined with his early habit of faking many of his social interactions on YouTube for perspective, it can be difficult to tell which of his relationships are genuine. With that in mind, here is a list of Jake Paul’s girlfriends:

Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend – Saxon Sabino

American actress Saxon Charbineau dated Paul in 2014. Even though the majority of their relationship took place off-camera, they did cross paths once in 2017 while filming “A Conversation with My Ex-Girlfriend,” a video for Jake’s channel.

Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend – Kelly Stewart

Although nothing has been confirmed, model Kelly Stewart and Jake were rumored to be dating in 2014, and Jake even tweeted about it. After a few months, the two broke up, but the details of the split are still unknown.

Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend – Amanda Cerny

Amanda and Jake spent a lot of time together in 2014, but it’s unclear if they were dating or just close pals. However, it would be strange for them to meet since Serney had a long and very public relationship with Jake’s brother Logan. in 2016 and 2017.

Jake Paul’s Ex-Girlfriend – Alissa Violet

Without a doubt, his relationship was one of Jack’s messiest and possibly worst in internet celebrity history. It is not clear which parts of it were real and which parts were faked to get views and create content. Alice and Jake, both originally members of Team 10, look like the perfect couple on camera. One fine day, Alyssa uploaded a video on Snapchat of herself packing her bags and saying that Jake kicked her out of the Team 10 house and wouldn’t leave her anywhere else. Jack later claimed that Alice and his brother Logan betrayed him.

Source: Sportskeeda

Alice replied that there was no relationship between the two. This led her to upload a YouTube video explaining her story. In it, she claims that Jack is so often ahead of other girls that she should just grin and bear it. She also claimed that he would play mind games with her and she would cry herself to sleep every night.

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