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What is Claire Bear Cause of Death? Claire Bear passed Away After Long Battle.

Claire Bear passed Away

Claire Bear died after a long fight with DIPG. Let’s take a closer look at Claire Bear’s death and the cause of death.

How did Claire Bear Die?

Claire Bear battled DIPG for 2.5 years before passing away at about 7 a.m. on December 29, 2022. Claire’s mother shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook. “She had her dad on one side of her and me on the other,” her mother recounts. It was a lovely, calm process. Our baby is now an angel. We’ll announce the details as soon as we have them. “I appreciate all of your prayers.”

What is Claire Bear Cause of Death?

DIPG was the cause of death for Claire Bear. DIPG is a type of brain tumour. This tumour is hazardous, and there is currently no cure. A child with DIPG has an average lifetime of 8-11 months. Claire was admitted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital on May 28, 2020, after a paediatrician’s CT revealed a lesion on her brain. She subsequently had an MRI, indicating a tumour on her cervical spine and brain stem. Although the neurosurgeon and oncologist suspected DIPG, a biopsy would be required for definitive confirmation. Aside from the tumour’s location, the biopsy was risky because the tumour was bleeding.

Treatment Goes On:

After discussing the MRI findings and risks with experts across the country, the neurosurgeon encouraged the family. Claire fared admirably following the biopsy. Despite the doctors’ concerns that the trauma of the treatment could cause them, she showed no additional or worsening symptoms. They were hospitalised for ten days before being released with steroids and orders to begin radiation treatment. Although official pathology results would not be available for some time, this was still the recommended course of action. She was fitted for her radiation mask and had a PICC line put in so she could be sedated for her radiation treatments.

The first day of radiation treatment began on June 15 and continued daily for six weeks. She overcame the sedative aftereffects and was eager to start treatment awake. She obtained her PICC line following three consecutive sedation-free practice operations. The PICC line was decommissioned on Friday, June 26! She and her cousins dived into Grandma Dawn’s pool precisely 12 hours later. The pathology result was delivered on Tuesday, July 7th, confirming DIPG. Claire Bear died after a long fight with DIPG. Claire Bear’s death has left the community in mourning.

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