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Suspect of killing Shimron Adams Arrested: Andrew Ridley, AKA ‘Aids Man’ Said To Be The Suspect.

Suspect of killing Shimron Adams Arrested

Is Andrew Ridley, also known as ‘Aids Man,’ the suspect in Shimron’s murder? Andrew Ridley, also known as “Aides Man,” was arrested on Wednesday and named as the primary suspect in the death of Shimron Adams, a 41-year-old businessman. Ridley is from Albouystown’s Lot 173 Campbell Street.

Andrew Ridley, AKA’ Aids Man’: Wanted Suspect

Adams’ gold jewellery and a shoulder bag containing the day’s winnings were stolen. Ridley has been wanted for a month in connection with November 11, 2022, murder of Dexter McFarlene, who lived on Laing Avenue in West Ruimveldt, Georgetown. Ridley saw a woman also present at Adams’ business location on D’Urban and Chapel Street in Georgetown at the time of the robbery/murder.

What Happened At the Incident?

Adams was acquainted with the woman, although his sister Shivron Adams denies they were romantically involved. The victim, however, could have been set up, and the crime’s goal is considered to have been a robbery. Patrol ranks detained the woman. The woman claimed Adams had put his products in a freezer and closed his company around 11:30 p.m. Adams and the woman were told to lie down on the ground and did so until two suspects forced their way inside the building ten minutes later through a zinc shutter. During a fight, Adams was hit in the right abdomen by a gunshot fired by the suspect carrying a gun.

What Happened to Shimron Adams?

The tragedy was caused by a triangle-style love connection between the now-dead man, his girlfriend, and the man she had seen intimately for the past six years. According to the source, police captured Andrew Ridley, well-known to them, because he was also wanted for another recent murder after the woman’s admission. A 9mm Taurus pistol was discovered near Ridley’s arrest, along with the matching shots. According to sources, the weapon used to kill Adams was identical. According to the source, Ridley became enraged after discovering photographs and videos of the woman and Adams together a few days ago.

What did the Detective Say?

The woman told detectives she didn’t take Ridley’s threats seriously because he had already returned her phone, and everything appeared normal. When the woman met Adams, the two spent the night together. After Adams’ business on Boxing Night, the woman claimed she recognised Ridley and one of his associates approaching her and Adams with the pistol. She told the cops that she was terrified and complied with their demands. According to the woman, she was forced to lie on the ground as Ridley took Adams’ jewellery and other possessions, including his purse, which supposedly contained $1,000.

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