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How Did Manolo Tanquilut Die? The Talented Vocalist Died

Manolo Tanquilut die

Manolo Tanquilut, a brilliant vocalist, has died. Let’s see what happened to him. Manolo Tanquilut died recently, we learnt today. We knew this from friends’ and family members’ tributes on social media. Ogie Alcasid, a well-known composer and performer, revealed the death of his close friend Manolo Tanquilut on his official Facebook page.

How Did Manolo Tanquilut Die?

According to stories on the internet, he died abruptly. Aside from the fact that his death has been confirmed, the cause of death for Manolo Tanquilut has not yet been disclosed; therefore, it is now unknown. We are contacting Manolo Tanquilut’s friends and family to learn more about his death. We express our deepest sympathies.

Tributes to Manolo Tanquilut:

Marvin Querido We’d run into each other now and then, and it was always a pleasant encounter. You’d always have a good tale or a great place to promote. We’re going to miss seeing you around. You’ve always been polite and helpful to me. Rest in the loving arms of God, Manolo Tanquilut. We love you and thank God for the time we spent together. — in collaboration with Ran Chua-Querido. Joséfina Sanchez Tobia, We recently lost another good Miller group friend. Manolo Tanquilut attends the heavenly party alongside angels Cliff Candelaria, Rexy V-s, Eugene Villaluz, Dudu Ulep, Bob Miller, Itu Curata, and Manny Tobia. Manolo Tanquilut — Gail Blanco-Viduya posted There are no words to express my gratitude to you for being one of my most genuine and loyal friends in the world of backup singing! I adore you and will be eternally thankful for the numerous possibilities you have provided for me. Rest in the paradise of God! Until our next meeting!

Dearest friend of Manolo Tanquilut Posted As:

I wanted to remember a close friend who died tragically last night. Manolo Tanquilut has been a regular in my concerts, giving backup vocals with his incredible pipes. He was also a walker in our worship group. I can’t describe how shocked and saddened we all are by his unexpected death. Manolo was a beautiful person as well as a fantastic musician, and we will greatly miss him. Thank you very much, Manok. The music, the stories, the kwentos, and the unique bond. I have no doubt you are overjoyed with Jesus right now. Manolo, we adore you. My brother, please rest now. @dindomartinez captured this image during our “reborn” worship concert.

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