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After a surge in violent crime in Arkansas, the mayor declares a civil emergency

violent crime in Arkansas
Image Source: THV11

Tomeka Butler, Mayor of Eudora, declared the extended curfew extended until Jan 3 at 6 AM; the announcement was made due to the state of civil emergency in a town hall on Thursday. Butler explained her decision” this step was taken to protect everyone in the whole city. “No matter race, age, or where you live. Families all over are hurting from these senseless acts. Our elderly, my people of wisdom, are afraid,” she added.

Butler informed, ” all the daycares centre closed early due to the fear of violence. She further urged citizens to put a stop to the crime and give support to stop the crime. Mark Pitts, Eudora Police Chief Pitts, give more information about the situation and said that the last week there was a wave of shootings in people’s homes.

violent crime in Arkansas

Image Source: South Ark Daily

He said they reached to spot with the help of county and state law enforcement, and many of our officers work the 16 hours shifts to provide security to the area.

Earlier, a curfew was placed by the Arkansas mayor in the small town after some string of violence. Later, multiple shootings happened, and due to all of these incidents, the mayor of Eudora declared a civil emergency all over the town.

Then Butler went live on the city’s Facebook account, highlighting the recent hike in crime, including the Christmas Eve incident that killed one while injured another.

Butler said, “Our city has been recently plagued with senseless acts of violence, which has led me to declare a state of civil emergency curfew effective immediately for all citizens between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m”. Medical reasons and urgent work have only exceptions to the curfew. According to Eudora police, a curfew was imposed in the area, and you could be searched and ticketed if you were caught without reason.

violent crime in Arkansas

Image Source: KTVE

After Butler’s solemn announcement, officials of the Arkansas state police have confirmed that they are serious about the Christmas Eve incident and currently investigating that event. 47-year-old Martene S. Frazell. was identified as the victim of the shooting told by the officials. A 40-year-old Jermaine Lindsey was also injured after being shot, they added.

After all these events, mayor Butler scheduled a town hall meeting on Thursday, in which she will discuss the present situation and solutions for the upcoming threats. The mayor said that we went to Eudora to get more information about the violence and the reason behind the curfew- she also said that she was not available.

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