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Who is Linda de Suza Husband? How Did Linda de Suza Die?

Linda de Suza
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Linda de Suza made a mark as a singer and actress. Linda was also a good-selling author. Linda was known as a Portuguese Lusophone and Francophone singer. Recently the news of Linda’s death came that on December 28, 2022, Linda died in Gijers, Eure, France. Linda made her singing debut in the late 1970s. Linda became very well known for her singing. Linda released many albums and songs during her lifetime which were well-received by the people.

Is Linda de Suza have a Husband?

Everyone wants to know who is Linda De Suza husband. So tell you, Linda has no husband. Linda De Suza never married during her lifetime. Linda has never been in a relationship with anyone. Linda passed her life single. She was always busy with her work. She worked hard to make her name well known and reach heights and create a different identity for herself. Linda never thought that she would ever fall in love or be in a relationship with anyone. Linda always focused on her career.

Linda de Suza died at the age of 74

Linda de Suza’s real name is Teolinda Joaquina de Sousa Lanca. Linda de Suza died in France on 28 December 2022 at the age of 74 due to complications from COVID-19. Linda de Suza was born on 22 February 1948. Her birthplace was Beringel, Beja, Portugal. Before she died, Linda lived in Geijers, Eure, France. She was a Portuguese, Lusophone and Francophone singer. Linda’s sudden death came as a huge shock to her fans. Her fans are paying tribute to Linda through social media.

Linda de Suza's Age

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How did Linda De Suza’s singing career begin?

In 1978, Linda made her first album debut with “The Girl Who Wept”, after which she did not find much success, but in the same year, Linda released the song “A Portuguese”, which got a peak position of 49 in France. Linda then released “The Crying Girl”, “Uma Moka Chorava”, “Amalia (Don’t Let Fado Die)” / “The Red Carnations”, and “Lisboa” / “I Don’t Ask”, which earned Linda her first single. Her singing got good recognition, and her songs were very much liked in France.

After this, Linda sang and released many songs, including “Tiroli-tirola” / “Não te cases”, “A Child Can Make the World Blackmail”, “Hola! Life”, “Chuvinha (Little Rain)”, “The house of this summer”, “If You Still Exist”, “Marinheiro”, “Marinheiro”, “One Day We’ll Meet”, “Gri Gri”, “Cavaleiro / The Exile”, “Give it back to me”, “The Place Where the Rain Stops”, “Just a Smile” / “Don’t Lose Hope”, “It is not forgotten”, and more. She also released many albums like Like You, What Can You Do?, Luck, Face to face, The Cardboard Suitcase: The Musical, Simply Live, and more.

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