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Pavel Antov Cause of Death Is Out Now. Postmortem Is Finally Done

Pavel Antov Cause of Death

According to the preliminary postmortem report, the death of Pavel Antov, a millionaire businessman and critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose body was discovered on the premises of a hotel in Rayagada, Odisha, was unintentional.

What is Pavel Antov Cause of Death?

According to the study, the cause of death was a rupture of the left lungs, liver, and spleen, which resulted in bleeding, shock, and death. Antov died on December 24 after allegedly falling from the hotel’s second storey. Similarly, according to physicians, Antov’s friend Bydanov Vladimir (61), who was discovered dead in his hotel room on December 22, died of heart arrest.

Postmortem was Done:

Even though Antov died on Christmas Eve, a postmortem was performed on his body, which was kept in a freezer, at the District Headquarters Hospital on December 26 at 5.05 p.m. Doctors discovered many injuries on the body, all of which were antemortem (injuries caused or occurring before death). “The left pleural and lungs were ruptured, and blood was in the thoracic cavity. “The liver and spleen were ruptured, with bleeding in the peritoneal cavity,” according to the report. In Antov’s stomach, doctors discovered 200 ml of semi-digested food in no particular order. “Fractures in the left humerus bone and the left 4, 5, 6, and 7 ribs,” according to the report.

Important Points Marked on Postmortem Report:

“The postmortem report solely mentioned the causes of death. “We need to gather circumstantial evidence to determine whether Antov committed suicide on his own or was pushed from the terrace,” a police officer said anonymously. Police had previously stated that both Antov and Bydanov had taken excessive amounts of alcohol on the evening of December 21. The following morning, Bydanov was discovered dead. According to police sources, there were broken glass fragments in Bydanov’s room at the Sai International Hotel in Rayagada. According to Bydanov’s postmortem report, doctors could not conclude, and the cause of death could not be determined based on the final findings of the visceral analysis.

What does the Postmortem Conclude?

According to the postmortem assessment, Bydanov’s body had no visible or internal injuries. However, chronic disorders such as “multiple bilateral effusion and enormous cardiomegaly spreading to the left lung, with left coronary descending artery thrombosis measuring more than four inches” were discovered. After collecting pertinent medical and police records from Rayagada district police, a five-member team from Odisha police’s Crime Branch began investigating the deaths of the two Russians. The Crime Branch is also looking into the validity of a ‘power of attorney form used by local police to cremate the dead. Though the bodies should have been buried according to Christian tradition, the district police authorities burned them after receiving permission from the children.

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