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How Did Linda de Suza Die? Icon of Portuguese Immigration Cause of Death Explained

How did Linda de Suza die?
Image Source: Actual News Magazine

On Wednesday, December 28, Linda de Suza, the Portuguese singer and the symbol of the Portuguese migration to France died at 74. Her 1984 autobiography La Valise en Carton, a testimony on Portuguese immigration, was a tremendous success in her career. The autobiography copies sold were more than 2 million. Her death news was reported by her agent Fabien Lecoeuvre, and her son, Joao Lanka.

Linda de Suza’s Cause of Death Explained

How did Linda de Suza die?

Image Source: Trend Detail News

As per the reports stated by his agent and son, Linda tested positive for Covid- 19. On the morning of her death day, she was transferred to Gisors (Normandy) for respiratory failure. Linda thus became another victim of Covid-19 deaths adding to the counts of millions of people who died due to Covid-19.

Tributes surfaced online for Linda

Following her death, the news made to public social media is poured with rest in messages for the divine soul. People are thus paying tribute to her via different social media accounts, including the Portuguese presidency’s official website. Her fans, family and relatives will surely miss her presence.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Portugal’s President, said: “Teolinda de Sousa Lança, who became known artistically as Linda de Suza, was an emblematic figure in many ways“.

The President added: “She remains in our memory as an example of determination and fidelity. She was a French icon of Portuguese immigration and, therefore, an icon of Portugal. To her son and grandchildren, I send my heartfelt condolences,”

Who was Linda de Suza? Life Story of the Icon of Portuguese Immigration

How did Linda de Suza die?

Image Source: Portugal Resident

Linda de Suza, originally named Teolinda Joaquina de Sousa Lanca, was born on February 22, 1948, in Beringer, in Beja, Alentejo, Portugal. Linda’s childhood was horrible as the singer was taken to an alcoholic father and a ruthless mother. She was then sent to a boarding school run by nuns in Lisbon.

At 20, she became the mother of a son, and no sympathy was shown to her. She then immigrated illegally to France in 1969. Linda de Suza’s singing talent was discovered by composer Andre Pascal at a restaurant Chez Loisette, in Saint-Queen. Andre then later introduced her to composer Alex Alstone. She became the singer of the Portuguese emigrant community, singing for the difficulties and homesickness of the migrants. The singer then continues to break records with the albums “Amália/Lisboa” and ‘singles’ such as “Canta Português”, “L’Etrangère” or “Comme Vous”. “Mala de Cartão” (1988), starring Irene Papas a miniseries, was based on the life story of Linda.

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