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Who Exactly is Lamont Lee Lewis? Why Did He Shoot Tivona Fogg, His Wife? Explained


On Christmas Day, a lady was killed in a murder in Hampton, and police were looking for a male. Let’s take a closer look at who Lamont Lee Lewis is and why he shot his wife, Tivona Fogg.

Who Exactly is Lamont Lee Lewis?

Lamont Lee Lewis

Lamont Lee Lewis

According to the medical team, Lamont Lee Lewis shot his wife many times until she counted her final breaths. As he made her chest punctured, a few bullets were trapped within the chest bones. After the event was reported to the appropriate authorities, they immediately went to the scene to gather evidence while holding the defaulter. So, first, they took the victim’s corpse into custody while taking the gun and the whole home, preventing anybody from entering.

Lewis’s wife, Tivona Fogg, was discovered after a thorough inspection of the entire house with a gunshot wound to the chest, describing the whole incident in detail and how terrible it was. Even Lenora Fogg, their daughter, gave the proper authorities a statement. Based on the information, the police will carry out additional operations to identify and punish the offender. No one has the right to murder someone in a certain way, so we’ll keep you informed as more details emerge. Keep checking back for more information, and don’t forget to follow Social Telecast.

Why did Lewis Shoot Tivona Fogg, His Wife?

His Wife


Authorities have named the husband of a woman who was shot and killed on Christmas as a suspect in the investigation. There are warrants out for Lamont Lee Lewis’ arrest, according to a police report from Tuesday night. Lewis’s wife, Tivona Fogg, was found with a gunshot wound to the chest, according to her daughter, Lenora Fogg. When Lenora became concerned about her mother’s safety, she phoned the police and requested them to meet her there. Lewis is said to have shared an apartment with her. Lewis’ relatives stated they couldn’t reach him.

They also allege that Fogg went to the hospital a month after Lewis hit her. “He beat me,” she said. Stop messing with him and leave him alone, I cried. “I don’t know what occurred for him to come back, but it was insane,” Fogg’s cousin Teona Graham said.

Lewis’s Previous Criminal Record:

The fact that Lewis has a criminal record further concerns the family. He is scheduled to appear in Hampton next month on drug-related charges. In 2018, he was found guilty of drug-related offences in York County and sentenced to ten years in prison, seven of which were suspended.

In 2001, he was suspected of murdering a man in Hampton. The charges were not proven. According to a media story, a vital witness in the case could not be traced. The medical examiner’s office has not released Fogg’s official cause of death. The family intends to conduct a candlelight vigil at 10 Twin Lakes Circle in Hampton on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Participants are encouraged to bring their candles.

The Hampton Homicide Case: An Overview

A lady was found and slain in Hampton on Christmas Day. Soon after noon, emergency dispatch got a call asking them to check on the wellbeing of a lady who was allegedly on the first block of Twin Lakes Circle. According to authorities, a lady who had been shot to death was found on Christmas Day in Hampton. According to a representative for the organisation, soon after noon, their emergency dispatch got a call requesting them to check on the welfare of a lady who was supposedly in the first block of Twin Lakes Circle.

“I walked out here, and I saw the girl on the street weeping saying: “He murdered my mom, he killed my mom,” said an unnamed apartment complex renter. On Christmas Day, a gunshot was heard near the Abbington at Hampton Center apartment complex, which astonished and worried its tenants. “We’re meant to be pleasant, yet (we) drive up and find her on the street weeping like that,” the resident observed. When the police arrived, they found a shot lady. Members of the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue declared her dead.

Lamont Lee Lewis, Suspect:

Lamont Lee Lewis is currently the focus of a police search, according to a police statement. He lived in the flat where the corpse of the lady was found. As of Tuesday night, Lewis was being probed as a suspect for second-degree murder, using a weapon during the commission of a crime, having a gun in their possession while a felon, and shooting a pistol into or at a building. She lives near the scene of the event, according to local media. It’s strange because it’s next to my home, and my kid said, I can’t even knock on my friend’s door because they have it taped up.

Statement from Neighbors:

Megan Mason, another neighbour, claimed she heard gunshots at about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday while wrapping her little daughter’s Christmas gifts. “Suddenly, I just heard one tremendous blast,” Mason continued. I was getting ready to put Santa’s presents out. I initially rejected it, but after hearing it two or three more times, I began to feel goosebumps. The police confirmed Tivona Lewis was the victim of the shooting, but they didn’t mention anything further about her. The victim’s friend disclosed to 13News Now that she was a “Very laid-back, intelligent, kind, gorgeous, powerful, and kind lady. Everything she was doing would come to a halt. If you begged her for help, he would come. She was more than willing to assist. She loved her friends, family, and particularly her children. She will be missed.

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