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Joyce Curtis, Details of the mother who found her son after ten years

Joyce Curtis
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Joyce Curtis is the mother who lost her son Nicholas when he was very young. It was in 2010 when she lost saw her son, and after that, there was no hearing about that. Her son left the house in the middle of the Year 2000, and when travelling after, he lost his job and used to regularly send letters and meals to his mother until 2010 there were no further letters available from her son. She estimated that during any particular hike around France and Spain, he could not survive the hike and certainly died and was living with the fact of her son’s death. Recently on the 19th of December 2022 received a suspicious phone call that let her know her son was alive inside a hospital in France.

Joyce Curtis Son

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Joyce Curtis Found her son.

Joyce Curtis lost her son when he was young, and it was 2010, which was the last time she directly heard from her son. After that, they will not have details available about Nicholas. She directly estimated that during any particular hiking in Spain or France, he died, or it can also be estimated that during the coronavirus itself, her son would have died due to the scarcity in France and Spain during the covid-19. Recently on the 19th of December 2022, she said she speciously received a phone call at her house, and the person on the other side stated that her son was alive in a hospital in South France and was completely out of danger. This became a very good Christmas gift for her life as her husband recently died in June.

Joyce Curtis who is she

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Joyce Curtis, who exactly is she?

Joyce Curtis is a common Scottish woman who was not directly related to any other professional life and stated in 2010 that her son went missing after he went on a hiking trip in France and Spain. Her husband was alive till 2022, the month of June, and both of them agreed to the fact that her son was dead. If he had survived detail 2019, the life he had, he would have died during the coronavirus. After the completion of the formalities after the death of her husband on June 19th of December 2022, she speciously received a phone call from South France. She stated that it was from a hospital where her son was alive and presently out of danger.

Joyce Curtis where is she

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Where are Joyce Curtis and her son now?

Joyce Curtis lost her son in 2010 and was living with the fact that her son died within these years suddenly when, on the 19th of December 2022, she received the notice and news about the fact that her son is alive in South France in a hospital she actually could not control her speech and went to southern France in the hospital to find out whether was her son or not. Nicholas and his mother have directly United in the hospital in France, and it has been a very great union of Christmas 2022 as the mother always thought that her son had died and could not find her at all, and suddenly, when she found her it given her the best Joy of her life.

Nicolas Details


Essential Details of Nicholas

Nicholas lost his job back in the year 2000, and in that situation, he decided that life is nothing in his City, so he decided to travel across his entire life and wanted to make that his career. Later in 2010, he completed a lot of hiking and travelling life and regularly wrote to his mom about his life. Suddenly after 2010, the letters stopped, and there were no details available about him for which he was presumed to be dead by his family members. Suddenly in 2022, he recovered in a hospital in France, and it was estimated that he was injured and in very bad condition. Still, he was covered in the hospital after a very long time which acted as a very great union of a mother and son.

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