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Jordan Douglas Krah was arrested for going racist and homophobic on TikTok

Jordan Douglas Krah

Jordan Douglas Krah is a Colorado man who has recently been arrested on the 26th of December 2022 after he went on a racist and also a homophobic rent against two young teenage college students who were just eating in a bay area on Christmas. In that situation, these individuals felt the need for whatever the man was saying was supposed to be filmed, so they created a viral TikTok video about whatever the man was saying, which was the reason for which has been arrested. The reason for which the rest happened was the person attempting to hate crime with the crime of the local police department, and they took the necessary actions very soon.

Jordan Douglas Krah Arrest


Jordan Douglas Krah’s Arrest details

Jordan Douglas Krah was directly arrested on the 26th of December 2022 after he was involved in providing racist and homophobic rent and hate crime comments on the two teenagers and college students Kim and Ha. The local Colorado man was directly arrested because of the passing of very bad comments related to the racial identities of the teenagers and also providing comments against the sexual behaviour they had. He also threatened the teenagers to spit on their faces and told them to see him outside. The comments were very hurtful to the students, and as they decided to make an overall video through the act, they broadcasted the video on their social media. It became viral, so the police department had to take action.

Jordan Douglas Krah Crime

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Jordan Douglas Krah Crime

Jordan Douglas Krah committed a very bad crime. Suppose something like this is done in a public area. In that case, this is a very big criminal offence according to the local police department of Colorado as the speech which the person used was not under the right to speech of an individual and whatever threats he provided were very bad according to the police department. The sexual comments and the racist comments against the college students were something which acted as a very big crime. Other than that, the threatening behaviour of spitting on someone’s face and telling them to meet you outside to fight with them is something against the law and is a big crime.

Jordan Douglas Krah Overview


Jordan Douglas Krah Overview of life

Jordan Douglas Krah is a common individual in Colorado and is a 40-year-old man. There have not been any particular details about the individual related to his life. He is a very common personality and presently is booked in the county Jail of California, where he has remained in custody for a few days since the 26th of December 2022 as the famous video on TikTok received 10 million views. People reached out for help for the college students, and a criminal investigation was done against Jordan. There have not been any details available about Jordan And whether he has done anything like this earlier in his life, but it might be expected that he has used such words before.

Kim and Ha

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Details of the two teenagers, Kim and Ha

Kim and Ha were actually the two teenagers who were enjoying Christmas week, were in a restaurant and having a meal together, and were very happy with each other. In that situation, Jordan decided to directly pass racist comments against them and also talked about their sexuality, and provided threatening behaviour against them, which was something that made them feel very uncomfortable, but other than doing something very wrong, they decided to film the entire thing, and that was something which went into their favour as a different then tired thing and provided the details on social media for which people were directly in the favour and made a lot of possibilities to protect these kinds of people.

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