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How did Rovleta Fraser die? The 48-Year-Old Artist Is No More

How did Rovleta Fraser die

The singing community is in mourning following the death of Rovleta Fraser Campbell. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to her and Rovleta Fraser’s cause of death.

How did Rovleta Fraser die?

The 48-year-old artist died last Thursday at Manchester’s Mandeville Hospital. Rovleta Campbell had been sick for a while after her husband, Robert Campbell. “She had been ill and in discomfort for some time due to anomalies in her breast. “An autopsy will be undertaken to determine the exact cause of her death,” he explained. He remembered his wife as thoughtful and caring. “She was a frank and compassionate person. She was also immensely genuine, loving, and honest. She was obsessed with music and performance.” Campbell stated she first met Rovleta when she was a Holy Childhood High School student.

Who is Rovleta Fraser?

Rovleta also sang backup for Grammy winner Damian “Jr Gong” Marley. She co-wrote the Grammy-winning album Welcome to Jamrock song Hey Girl with Stephen Marley, on which she also sang. She also worked with Teena Marie, an American rhythm and blues singer, on Congo Square, her last studio album, which was released in 2009. As a guest, Rovleta contributed vocals to the song Rovleta’s Jass. Patria Kaye Charles, a corporate executive, paid her homage on Facebook. “Rov had a smooth voice. I was aware of her talent, but you had to admire her pipes when she got a standing ovation from the audience after singing a Whitney song every night. Because of her humble confidence, I enjoy witnessing her throughout a Gong set.

Alex Martin-Blanken Shared Tribute to Rovleta Fraser:

Rovleta Fraser Campbell, you are great. You were a soul! God saw fit to shift your earthly address to a new heavenly address. Can I be disappointed that we never finished the songs we began working on over two years ago? I have to accept that God has other plans; what a wonderful friend you were!! Your voice was an entirely different story! Nothing short of incredible. I had goose bumps just thinking about your voice! Awesome! Full of wondrous love for God and His creations! Best wishes, my sister and friend. Always and forever in my heart. I’m praying for you, your family, and your husband, Robert Campbell. There are no words… Cancer is a pain.

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