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Wallasey Pub Shooting: Elle Edwards has Died At the Incident


After a lady was killed in the Wallasey bar shooting, police sought the shooter. A day after the incident, the first photo of victim Elle Edwards was made public. In this post, we’ll go into the Wallasey pub shooting in further detail, including who Elle Edwards was and what happened to her.

Wallasey Pub Shooting Explained:

Police are seeking the shooter after a woman was fatally shot in a bar in Merseyside on Christmas Eve. Three more males are being treated for gunshot wounds after the attack on Saturday at around 23:50 GMT in The Lighthouse in Wallasey Village, Wirral. According to police, several more persons were injured. Police are appealing for assistance after the shooter fled in what is believed to be a dark Mercedes. According to Merseyside Police, the woman died after being rushed to the hospital following the gunshot in a “busy atmosphere full of young people.”

Serena Kennedy, Chief Constable: Statement

Chief Constable Serena Kennedy described the incident as “despicable,” while local MP Dame Angela Eagle described it as “heartbreaking.” “We have multiple officers at Wallasey Village doing extensive investigations to determine exactly what occurred and to take immediate action,” said Det Supt. David McCaughrean. The woman’s family has been alerted, and officers with specific training are assisting them.

Lighthouse Pub: Statement

The Lighthouse Pub published a statement expressing “absolute surprise” and said, “This is a tragedy beyond words.” Our thoughts are with families, and our hearts go out to the family of our deceased customers. The police have been granted access to CCTV footage, and assisting anyone affected is our top priority. According to a representative, people who made reservations for Christmas Day were being called and offered refunds. Jenny Hough, a local, claimed she heard shots but mistook them for Christmas fireworks. According to the 77-year-old, the encounter was “a huge shock.”

What Happened at the Incident?

How did Elle Edwards Die


This restaurant used to be busy, crowded, and full of young people. Because the televisions are still turned on, it appears to be the morning after a party. There are still bottles scattered all over the table from when people were celebrating Christmas. It’s dreadful for any family or friend, especially around Christmas. Police are requesting that any witnesses with video or information contact them. Jeffrey Hughes, minister of the United Reformed Church, said the bar serves as a community gathering place. He described the area as “very bustling,” adding, “It’s a lovely piece of Wallasey.”

How did Elle Edwards Die?

On the 24th of December, emergency personnel descended on the Lighthouse Inn in Wallasey, Merseyside. A 26-year-old lady died after being transported to the hospital with an injury. Other persons were injured in the incident, and one of them, a 28-year-old guy, is in critical condition. During a press conference the day after Christmas. According to Merseyside Police, the gunman had no intention of shooting. She had merely been out “enjoying Christmas with her sister” during what should have been a peaceful time. According to Detective Superintendent Sue Coombs, the victim died from a significant gunshot wound to the head.

What Happens After the Incident?

She was sent to Arrowe Park Hospital, where she died shortly after. Her family has been told, and they are dealing with this tragic loss on this day of celebration for friends. Even while the investigation is still in its early stages, we do not believe the victim, in this case, was explicitly targeted. She was out spending Christmas with her sister and friends during what should have been a peaceful time. “What her family is going through is unthinkable.” According to a representative for the Lighthouse pub, the shooting was “a tragedy beyond words.”

Their hearts go out to our customer’s family who died, they said in a statement, adding that “all our sympathies are with our customers’ friends and family.” The Lighthouse Pub has reportedly handed police CCTV footage. A spokeswoman noted that everyone with bookings on Christmas Day would receive a refund. According to the minister of a nearby church, the incident stunned the residents because of the tavern’s location. That neighbourhood is densely populated with families and young individuals. Even if we celebrate Christmas, the violence “shows us that even though we celebrate Christmas,” he concluded. The salon’s employees declined to talk further, saying they would remember her in the coming months.

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