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Penda Dalle Died in what Manner? The Cause of Death of a Popular Cameroonian Musician has been Revealed

Penda Dalle

Penda Dalle, a well-known Cameroonian musician, died. Let’s take a closer look at Penda Dalle’s demise and the reason for their death.

Penda Dalle, who was He?

Dalle Tete From 1976 through 1980, Penda Jeannot, born in 1958, served in the Republican Guard and the Cameroon Navy. At the time, he was a member of the Les New-Star de Bonadibong. Between 1977 and 1978, he and this group released a 45 rpm record on the Disques Cousin label. Side A has the song Bonadibong, while Side B features Bekwedi Ndolam. Both songs were written by Penda Dalle, who also sings. Penda Dalle left the military at 22 to join Emile Kangue’s new band, La Musette, which he formed after quitting Les Black Styl.

Penda Dalle Died in what Manner?

On Monday, December 26, 2022, the legendary Makossa figure, creator of the popular title “BONADIBON,” died of sickness.

Penda Dalle Cause of Death:

Aside from the confirmation of his death, it is unclear what caused it, and the actual cause of death has not been revealed. We seek to contact Penda Dalle’s friends and relatives to discover more about his demise. This section will be changed when new information on the tragedy that brought many people to tears becomes available.


Penda Dalle


His solo career started in 1980, with the 45rpm release of Se to MBA / Ne nde Muna musango on the Africa Oumba label. During the 1980s and 1990s, “Jeandall” recorded multiple albums and became a Makossa star. In 2000, he published the enormously successful album L’espoir de ma vie, and Best of Nostalgie vol. 1 followed in 2011. Penda Dalle’s “Nostalgie 1” video from 2001 Penda Dalle, Salle John, Henry Njoh, Guy Nsangue, Yves Ndjock, and others participated in Manu Dibango’s Kamer All Stars programme. On this CD, he plays rhythm guitar and performs one of his favourite songs, Nyong’a mama.

His YouTube Channel is Here:

After that, his admirers had to wait ten years for a new album, but Sona ndolo, published in 2011, signalled his return. He currently runs the YouTube channel La croisiere des artists, where he interviews other Cameroonian musicians, contributing to documenting the country’s rich musical heritage. He recently returned to the studio with his old musical buddy Emile Kangue to record a four-song maxi-single, Dja o biala, released in 2021.

Penda Dalle Memorials:

Many individuals offered their heartfelt condolences to his family and how dearly they adored him. The news of this incident has enraged his followers and admirers. One of the worst things someone can go through in life is losing a family member. Any trip must finish with a destination. The person’s time on Earth has sadly ended now that they have died. We wish him everlasting peace and express our condolences and prayers to his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace.

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