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It’s time for the Broncos to act on Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
Image Source: Sports Illustrated

Denver Broncos waived the white flag without firing a single shot against Los Angeles Rams team while all these things happened in a nationally televised contest. All the players performed like they were playing after the Christmas hangover; they put minimal effort into the game and lost it with a 51-14 thrashing.

Russell Wilson

Image Source: Twitter

Nothing will look suitable for the Orange and blue because their offence and defence were very impotent against the physically prepared Rams squad. For the Broncos path forward is clear. During the game, winds worked like a profound change in the Broncos; they worked as bomb cyclones for the squad. Now the question arises here what we learnt from Denver’s 11th loss of the season?

Russell Wilson needs a reset:

If we talk about the current situation, the Broncos rank last in the NFL teams. No one assumes this for the team, and the Christmas day match was the worst-ever performance by the team in this season. Wilson still looked like he was affected by the injury. Two interceptions at the beginning of the game seriously affected the Bronco’s chances. Wilson’s offensive line leaks again and again. Throughout the game, he did not get enough opportunity to check the field properly. However, his ability to watch the open receivers and hold the ball was also missing in the game, and as result Broncos lost the game challenges.

Is the Coaching Matter?

It’s a basic fact that Players always want more victories in the NFL league. But after watching Sunday’s match, the competency gap looked so vast between the Broncos and Rams, respectively, their players and coaching staffs. Sean Mcvay is the Rams head coach and guru, who thrash the Bronco’s defence in the Sunday match. The Rams play with a different strategy by attacking the Bronco’s weak points: they rushed the defence.

Bottom Line:

Russell Wilson

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It’s high time for the Denver Broncos Owners to step out from the old structure and make a new team. They first need to change the head coach, this type of decision is never easy, but according to the current situation, it is essential to take this bold step.

Coach Hackett has given their best in the last few games; we also see the increasing improvement in the team, but the truth is that when the Broncos fight against McVay or Andy Reid’s team, it clearly shows that Hackett is very far from them. As of now, Monday is the perfect time for the team to announce the decison of that we are searching for a new coach. It is the first step toward providing the Broncos with the strength it deserves.

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