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Ryan Hunter | A drug-filled package reportedly led to the arrest of a man

Ryan Hunter
Image Source: FOX 13 Memphis

In Marco Island, Florida, a person was detained with a box that was supposed to contain drugs that were alternatively delivered to a neighbour. a Christmas letter containing the prohibited drug fentanyl and cocaine sent to the wrong address, and this led to detaining of the Suspected person. When the parcel was accidentally delivered to a neighbour with the same name person, Ryan Hunter Bluestone was caught after this incident, as informed by the Marco Island Police officials.

The guy who received the parcel found some white powdered materials in the box and immediately informed the Marco Island police. The incident was revealed only because the package was delivered to the wrong address. Otherwise, the chances of providing the medication to the incorrect address were less frequent. The person found the cocaine and Merry Christmas card in the red envelope inside the box, and he was also surprised after seeing the illicit drug fentanyl in the box. When it was clear that the parcel was accidentally delivered to the wrong person with the same name, the culprit for containing illegal drugs, Ryan Hunter Bluestone, was taken into police custody. Tracy Frazzano, the Marco Island Police Department’s Chief, informed me about the incident.

Ryan Hunter

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Tracy Frazzano further explained, ” Christmas and New Year holidays are coming, and people are frequently receiving gifts and parcels from their far friends and relatives. In this incident, a box was received at the wrong address with a similar name person. In that card, police found the cocaine in three different plastic bags during their investigation, while in the same parcel, they also discovered the fentanyl.

” They opened the box carefully and alerted when they found some white powder substance. After seeing all this suspected material, they called the police department, and we immodestly take all things into our custody. The Marco Island Police Department took the box and all other items like cocaine and fentanyl.

If any person sees something unusual or suspects, report it to the police because you are unaware of what was inside the box warned by the Frazzano. “we gain more information about the suspected substance, we send it to narcotic department, so we will found about the real substance” further added by Frazzano.

According to the latest information, Bluse stone was taken into custody at the Naples Jail Center, but later, he was freed. The quantity of just 2 milligrams of fentanyl becomes the deadly dose in some cases.

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