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Lisa Seiffert successfully competes in Yacht Race despite having Breast Cancer

Lisa Seiffert

Lisa Seiffert is a famous and well-known Australian model who has received much recognition throughout her overall modelling career. On the 10th of November 2022, just six weeks back, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was revealed through therapy. The cancer diagnosis treatment started within a few weeks of the disclosure, and recently she was undergoing radiotherapy. Still, as she was invited by her father to a Yacht race from Sydney to Hobart, she directly participated in the race fight of going under radiotherapy and having been diagnosed with breast cancer just six weeks back. After she was directly interviewed about her situation, she stated that whatever happened to her, she has always been a fighting woman and will always fight for whatever is perfect.

Lisa Seiffert Breast Cancer


Lisa Seiffert Details of Breast Cancer

Lisa Seiffert has been a very strong woman and his directly won successfully in her overall modelling career. She has also received much recognition and has been a successful woman. She was very fit and did not have any big problems in her body, but recently, on the 10th of November 2022, it was directly revealed in the situation when she certainly had pain in her breasts in that situation when she went to the hospital; the doctor stated that she has breast cancer and it needs immediate treatment. She got hospitalized in the hospital within a few days, got the surgery done within a few weeks of cancer, and recently went under radiotherapy to improve her health conditions and the body.

Lisa Seiffert Breast Cancer Treatment


Lisa Seiffert’s treatment of Breast Cancer

Lisa Seiffert learned about her breast cancer on the 10th of November, 2022. The doctors recommended that the surgery and treatment be done within a few days as it is in a very bad condition. Hence, the surgery happened within a few weeks of the 10th of November 2022, and she has been undergoing radiotherapy after the surgery. In an interview, she mentioned that she has recovered very well from cancer and is working to make a comeback in the modelling industry. Recently she also participated in a Yacht race with her father as she competed in the race that continued from Sydney to Hobbit. She performed very well with her father throughout the race and participated firmly.

Lisa Seiffert Yacht Race


Lisa Seiffert Yacht Race Details

Lisa Seiffert participated in the rays, but as mentioned, she completed it with her father first in August 2022 and was 11th in that particular race. After that, she was determined to participate in another race to perform very well, but as the in this particular situation, she had just completed her surgery for breast cancer and was also under radiotherapy, it was very dangerous for her to participate in the race, but she also did as mentioned that she has always taken up challenges in her life and has been very strong in all situations. Hence, it was very natural for her to participate in the race. The Yacht race went very well, and she participated successfully with her father.

Details of the model


Other essential details of the model

Lisa Seiffert is a well-known and famous Australian model and has also received much recognition throughout their entire modelling career. She has been a very famous personality model in the tree and has positively impacted her overall career. She has been a very famous personality and has created a good worth in whatever she has done. The breast cancer that happened to her did not stop her life, as she has always been very strong in whatever she has done. Hence, as this thing also happened in her life, she did not have any particular problems, stood very strong in whatever she did, and created a very good impact on her entire life.

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