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How did William kachigamba die? Musician Cause Of Death Is Out Now

How did William kachigamba die

William Kachigamba, a musician from Lilongwe with albinism, died this morning at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to him and William Kachigamba’s cause of death.

What happened to William kachigamba?

William Kachigamba, a young musician with albinism, has died. Kachigamba died in the early hours of today at Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Central Hospital. Marcus Magaso, who used to be in Zion Rock Band with him, and his sister Patricia corroborated the news. Patience Namadingo, another musician, raised funds for Kachigamba’s cancer treatment in Zambia in 2020. Patricia claims his condition did not improve until he died in Kamuzu Central Hospital. Kachigamba was born on March 3, 1993, in Mvera, Dowa.

What is William kachigamba’s Cause of Death?

William Kachigamba, 29, died at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe after a battle with cancer. Patricia, his sister, verified the news in an interview with local media. The Association of People with Albinism also reported the musician’s death. “We regret to inform you that Kachigamba died from skin cancer. The association hoped for his soul’s rest in a statement this afternoon. Thanks to fundraising efforts coordinated by Kachigamba’s fellow artist Patience Namadingo, Kachigamba will be able to travel to Zambia for cancer treatment in 2020. Patricia claimed that the treatment did not affect the condition of the young musician. Skin cancer is a big issue for people with albinism, according to APAM. According to the organisation, over 50 persons with albinism have died due to costly operations and a lack of a comprehensive skin cancer prevention programme since 2020.

Malawian Kachigamba Flies To Zambia For Cancer Treatment:

WILLIAM Kachigamba, a Malawian musician, has cancer treatment in Zambia at the Cancer Diseases Hospital of the University Teaching Hospitals. Doctors in Malawi recommended that William fly to Zambia for advanced cancer treatment. On the other hand, William could not raise the three million Malawian Kwacha required for treatment in Zambia. As a result, his colleague, Mapulani hit producer Patience Namadingo, began fundraising to raise the monies.

The following day, the president of that country, Lazarus Chakwera, contacted him and encouraged him to halt the fundraising campaign, telling him that he would make up the deficit. President Chakwera, who had sent an officer to see Namadingo, presented him with two million Kwacha a few days later. We cannot independently confirm William’s arrival date in Zambia, but we have good evidence that he is already there. On his Facebook page today, Malawian musician Namadingo revealed that William could go alone from the hospital’s sixth level to the ground floor. According to Namadingo, one of the most beautiful photographs he has seen this year is one of William standing at the entrance to the Cancer Diseases Hospital.

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