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How did Trina Newman Die? Cause of Death Explained

How did Trina Newman die?
Image Source: KTLA

On a day before Christmas a 62-year-old lady, Trina Newman was struck and killed by a driver who immediately run off the scene in the Broadway – Manchester area. The crash was reported to happen around 3:27 pm on Saturday at 88th street in the Broadway- Manchester area. According to the victim’s brother, Dwayne Newman his sister was passing out gifts on Christmas Eve when she was struck and killed.

How did Trina Newman die?

Image Source: MEAWW

His brother said- 

“My sister was a beautiful spirit, a Very soulful and generous person. She had children that she adopted and brought in. She was always giving to the homeless and charities.”

“She’s going to be deeply missed. Infinity times infinity.”

As per the statement of a witness told to NBCLA Newman- “Townsend was getting items out of the back of a car when a car travelling at about 40 mph struck the open door and the victim. The driver went through a red light after the crash and sped away from the scene.”

He further said- This happened the day before Christmas,”

“She was trying to help people and she got her life taken away.”

An investigation is going on but so far no arrests have been made as the identity of the driver is yet to disclose. Also, a detailed description of the vehicle was not available immediately.

How did Trina Newman die?

Image Source: NBC Los Angeles

His family and friends are mourning the loss of their beloved member and left a small Christmas tree, unicorn balloons, candles and other items on the sidewalk near the crash site as a memorial to remember a lady who is loving, caring and soft-hearted. 

A message was written in the South Los Angeles neighbourhood which reads-

“We love you, Auntie Trina.”

Her husband Curtis at the memorial Sunday said-

“She died doing what she loved to do,” “She was giving out Christmas boxes, hams.

The victim’s daughter said – “I was trying to run through the yellow tape to her. I just couldn’t believe what I heard over the phone,” “She helped everybody she gave back to the community in every way she could. She’s a good person. Whoever did this needs to step up and turn yourself in,”

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