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How Did Fabian O’Neill die? Uruguay Icon At 49

Fabian O’Neill die

RIP Fabian O’Neill, who died at the age of 49: Tributes were given to Uruguay’s superstar, whom Zidane said was one of the most talented players he’d ever faced. FORMER Fabian O’Neill, a 49-year-old Uruguayan defender, died after a fight with chronic liver illness. O’Neill was admitted to the hospital in a coma on Saturday after suffering a haemorrhage. The Uruguayan FA later confirmed his death in a statement. “We grieve with deep sadness and astonishment the loss of former Uruguayan National Team member Fabián O’Neill,” it said.

Who is Fabian O’Neill?

He was dubbed “The Magician” by his peers. Genius and recklessness: extraordinary technical skills (so much so that a confident Zinedine Zidane dubbed him “the most skilled footballer I have ever seen the play”), a lack of consistency, and an inability to keep his head on his shoulders. In Cagliari, he did the finest numbers, and his entrance in 1995 was one of Massimo Cellino’s many foresights. Those were the years when Italy’s championship was still the best in the world, and champions travelled to the provinces. In red and blue, 136 appearances and 16 goals between the league and the Italian Cup, and two goals in 19 appearances for the Uruguayan national team.

Early Life of Fabian O’Neill:

O’Neill was the eldest child of Luis Alberto O’Neill and Mercedes Domnguez. He was the great-great-grandson of Michael O’Neill, a County Cork Irishman who landed in Uruguay in 1837. O’Neill was abandoned by his parents and raised by his grandmother, with whom he shared a bed until he was 14. He started working at nine, selling sausages outside a brothel, and was already drinking.

How Did Fabian O’Neill die?

Fabian O’Neill died in Montevideo on Christmas Day. He was only 49 years old and had been admitted to the hospital the day before due to the deterioration of a liver disease he had been suffering from for some time. It is well known that he misused alcohol and had previously taken significant risks. For example, in 2020, he was hospitalised for severe liver failure. He lost his battle yesterday. To the dismay of the rossoblù admirers, for whom he had left fantastic memories.

Condolences to Fabian O’Neill:

“Our hearts go out to your family and friends. RIP.” His former club Cagliari stated: “I’m glad I got to see your genius up close: pure, crystalline, like the most valuable diamonds. “You made us fall in love with your class, and Cagliari has never stopped admiring its Wizard with the “10.” “on his back. “Fabian, rest in peace. Forever a part of us.”

Personal Life of Fabian O’Neill:

O’Neill has three children, two daughters and a son, all born to different mothers. His son Favio was a defensive midfielder for Pearol’s under-19 team as of December 2021, while his middle child Martina was a field hockey player as of June 2020. Hasta la ultima gota, O’Neill’s autobiography, was published in 2013. He had gallbladder surgery in June 2016 and was ordered to avoid alcohol for three years, but he started drinking a month later. O’Neill stated in February 2017 that he lost his fortune of $14 million on “slow horses, fast ladies, and gambling,” but he did not regret becoming destitute.

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