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During the ‘living with the virus’ phase, the UK Government will no longer publish Covid data.

UK Government
Image Source: Hindustan Times

As the experts say, the country is now “living with the virus from the last three years on from its first detection. So there is no need to publish the Covid data, and we will stop it from the New Year. UK Health Agency released the Data and modelling which intend to deaths and hospitalisations through Covid virus; will no longer be available publicly from the following year.

UK Government

Image Source: The Telegraph


As the UK government also feels, Chief data scientist Dr Nick Watkins said, ” Now at this time, no need to release this type of data because we are returning to our everyday life with the help of vaccines and therapeutics. In these reports, data includes the reproductive rate, or we can say it is the R rate, which generally refers to the number of people who can be infected through the infected person. During the pandemic’s peak, the R range and growth rate for the UK were published every week and every two weeks since April this year.

In May 2020, data was published for the whole UK, while after April 2021, it was published only for England. Now following the detailed review and the next detailed release date will publish on Covid on January 6, as informed by the UKHSA Epidemiology Modelling Review Group(EMRG). “at the time of pandemic, growth rate and R value was used to inform public health issues and take Government decisions. But now, after the vaccination and other therapeutics are able us to that we can live with the Covid virus, we downed the our surveillance. However, we still monitored the different possible indicators; this data publication is no more relevent or necessary”. Informed by the UK government officials.

UK Government

Image Source: Newsdrum

“we are ready to monitor Covid with the same way as we monitor other illnesses and diseases. But we also prepared for any upcoming situaion; if any new variant of concern was identified, then the could be decison reversed; we kept all the data publications under review,” informed Dr Watkins. If we talk about the R rate, it has been stable between 0.8 to 1.2 for the last half year. As per statics, the growth rate varies between -4 to +3 per cent, and according to this data, around 100,000 new infections per day.

According to agency data about covid-19 will continue to be accessible from the Office for National Statistics called ONS. Let’s talk about the most recent data about Covid in the UK. The cases are rising all over the UK, and the according to an estimation, around 1.4 million were infected in the week ending 9 December. The graph grew in England and Scotland, while the data for Wales and Northern Ireland is unclear.

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