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Demetrious Johnson Died at 61: Former NFL Player Cause of Death Explained

Demetrious Johnson Died
Image Source: KSDK

Demetrious Johnson, a former NFL player, a philanthropist and a local radio host passed away this Saturday on Christmas Eve due to complications from an aortic dissection. Johnson at the time of his death was survived by his wife and six children and five siblings. His daughter Ashley Chin wrote:

“His family and friends are saddened by this loss. His big heart and love for his community will never be forgotten.” The arrangements for his funeral have yet to be made.

Johnson’s Cause of Death Explained

Demetrious Johnson died at 61

Image Source: FOX 2

The former NFL player had been struggling in the hospital for the past week. According to his family members, Johnson’s cause of death is an aortic dissection, a serious condition in which the inner layer of the large blood vessels branching off the heart tears. The disease is most common in men between the age group of 60 and 70.

Tributes paid to Demetrious Johnson

As soon as the news of his demise came out social media is filled with rest-in-peace messages. People in large numbers are paying tribute to the soul on different social media platforms.

Sports director, Frank Cusumano wrote: “There may have some who donated more money to our town then my friend, Demetrious Johnson, but nobody donated more heart. We will never have another one like him.”

Former St. Louis Mayor, Francis Slay expressed his condolence: “RIP Demetrious Johnson, an outstanding St. Louisan who did a lot for our community. He will be missed,”

St. Louis media personality said: “Saddened to hear Demetrious Johnson has passed. I was honoured to be involved in numerous fundraisers for his charitable foundation and to have him on my Sunday night show. DJ never forgot his STL roots. The man did a ton to improve lives in his community. Rest in peace, DJ.”

CEO of a sports agency, Blackwell said: “That was a testament to his spirit, reaching out and helping, in particular, young Black men in the community,”

Who was Demetrious Johnson? Everything that you Want to Know About him?

Demetrious Johnson died at 61

Image Source: You Tube

Demetrious Johnson, a St. Louis native was born on July 21, 1961. Johnson was youngest of the eight siblings who were raised by her single mother, Eddie Mae Binion. Eddie was a social activist and a board member of the Legal Services of Eastern Mae Binion, a non-profit law firm. She also created the South Side Welfare Rights to work against prejudice by social workers.

Johnson did his high school graduation from McKinley High School with a full scholarship in athletics at the University of Missouri. Johnson for the University plays as a defensive back from 1979 to 1982. Johnson after four seasons with The Lions played his last NFL season with the Miami Dolphins in 1987.

Johnson after retirement from football began working as a sales manager for the Sherwood Medical Company. He then later founded the Demetrious Johnson Charitable Foundation in 1992 to help underprivileged children for building their better futures in the St. Louis area.

The foundation was incorporated in honour of his beloved mother, Eddie May Binion who died in 2009. Johnson for the whole of his life is recognised for his services and love for his community.

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