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LASD K9 Shot Dead in a Gardena Shooting by Barricaded Suspect

How did LASD K9 Jack die?
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During an operation in Gardena, a suspect whose identity is unknown heartlessly shot and murdered K9 Jack. The sheriff’s department’s Special Enforcement Bureau received reports of a suspect with a lethal weapon barricading himself in the 1800 block of West 145th Street, they then send off Jack to the apartment in response to the report.

How Did K9 Jack Died?

How did LASD K9 Jack die?

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On Thursday The officers including Jack arrived at the apartment at about 5:42 pm and broke down the door. When deputies raided the house, the suspect came with a gun and shot K9 Jack. In response, the deputies opened fire and the suspect immediately died.

According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect allegedly started shooting at Law Enforcement which is when K9 Jack was brutally killed. As per the authorities, no other deputies were wounded or injured, the deputies did find a gun on the site. 

About K9 Jack

How did LASD K9 Jack die?

Image Source: SCV News

Jack for four years was a devoted member of the Special Enforcement Bureau. Jack fiercely saved Bureau workers in numerous prudent missions, saving the lives of so many deputy employees. K9 Jack was an amicable dog acquired from the Netherlands and joined SEB K9 Detail in March 2019. K9 Jack was a special dog loved by the SEB family.

Sherrif Luna following the death of K9 Jack wrote on Twitter-

“K9 Jack’s actions saved the lives of numerous members of the Bureau during the operation. K9 Jack was a very social dog with the heart of a warrior. K9 Jack was not only part of the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) family he was a beloved member of his handler’s family,” Sherrif in his statement added- “K9 Jack saved numerous lives and courageously protected members of the Bureau during countless tactical operations,”

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