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Misty Erwin Murder Details and Death of Clay King-Smith

Misty Erwin Murder

Misty Erwin, a common individual of Arkansas and was also a member of the Union Church and graduated in 1996. She was a decent individual, and in that certain situation itself, when she was murdered, she was just 20 years old, and she was killed in her hometown in March 1998 by none other than the famous serial killer clay King-Smith. As mentioned by the police officers, she was found dead after she was killed by taking a bullet, discovered in a blanket, and found with the bodies of other females and a small child. The famous killer was roaming around in the city for a long time. As the death of certain individuals in a decent period happened, the government and police officers were dev

Misty Erwin Who is she


Who exactly is Misty Erwin?

Misty Erwin was the common individual of a member of the old union Church show graduated from college in 1996 and was a very friendly and good individual who used to live in her hometown with her boyfriend itself. Clay Smith was her boyfriend, and they have lived together since 1998 and had a very good relationship, as mentioned by the friends. Still, as the police officers went through an investigation, they found her body with other females and also a dead body of a child, which made the police officers devastated. During that time, Smith was declared to be a serial killer as he was a very bad personality, and during the time she died, word details were available about her death.

Misty Erwin Murder


Details of the Murder of Misty Erwin

Misty Erwin used to live with her boyfriend clicking method when she died, and as she was killed by her boyfriend itself or dead body was directly found with various other female dead bodies. Also, a child’s dead body and a total of four other victims were found in that particular room. Smith was directly revealed to be a serial killer in that situation as his mental state was not perfect, and he continued to kill other individuals until the police officer arrested him. The investigation of the missing person continued until she was found in that particular apartment with Erwin.

Misty Erwin Investigation


Investigation Details of Misty Erwin’s death

Misty Erwin was killed in March 1998 when she was just 20 years old, and the investigation of the dead continued until the police officer got details about all the other food individuals found with her. When the dead bodies were discovered, the police were in a very bad situation to know whatever happened in the area. Still, after they learned about her boyfriend, Smith, they understood that it might be that individual who is related to all the models. After a proper investigation was done on that individual, the police officers went on to get details about his mental state and recognized him as the serial killer.

Clay King Smith


Death of Clay King Smith discussed

Clay Smith was known to be a serial killer in the situation when he was arrested by police officers, as he murdered a lot of individuals in his life. He also mentioned the details of the death of these individuals, and he was known to have a very bad personality when he died. There was the proper trial against him done, and in that particular trial itself pleaded for mercy, especially from the family members of the people who killed. Still, there was no mercy provided to him, and as in the situation he was taken in front of the court, he had a proper mental state. He was executed by the local government on the 8th of may 2001 by injection provided to him at the disciplinary unit, and the government directly executed him for all the crimes that he committed in his life.

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