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Michael Tittemore Murder Details and Where is Kevin Harper now?

Michael Tittermore

Michael Tittemore what’s 23 years old and a common resident of Colorado who was a roommate of two guys. The situation, Colorado police department received a suspicious phone call on the 16th of October 1993 wherein the phone call woman revealed that his roommate was filled with blood and was murdered in a bad situation. The police officers reached the spot of the modern within a few minutes, and after reaching the position, they saw that Michael was dead in a very bad situation and he was killed in a very bad manner. Recently there has been a series of homicide hunter which have covered this incident, and he also showed how and when the models occurred, the killer’s intentions and what happened to the victim.

Michael Tittermore Who is he


Michael Tittemore Who Exactly is he?

Michael Tittemore was a common resident of Colorado and a decent individual. As mentioned by his family members and roommate, he did not have a very bad personality, had a decent life, and received no particular problems. He had a very happy life till he was 23 years age of his life, and just after he went on to have a friendship with Kevin Harper in that situation, he started facing problems in his life; there was a certain situation when the friends used to have problems. As mentioned in the recent show of the homicide hunter, it was directly revealed that a few individuals went on to murder him as they will not happy with the behaviour he was doing against them.

Michael Tittermore Murder


Michael Tittemore murder details

Michael Tittemore was directly found dead on the 16th of October 1993, and as mentioned by the police officers, when he died, he was with two other roommates who were very close to him and knew exactly when he did what. Both these individuals directly planned to murder him as the behaviour that three of these individuals had was not going very well, and that was the situation when during a very big argument, there was a gunshot. During the gunshot itself, he was then killed. The incident was directly witnessed by the woman living in the locality, and she decided to portray the notice to the local police officers of Colorado, and they particularly did the job further.

Michael Tittermore Ivestigation


Investigation Details of Michael Tittemore murder

Michael Tittemore was murdered on the 16th of October 1993, and a woman who was also a resident directly provided the details to the police officers. As the police officers came in front of the incident area, they directly saw the dead body. It was covered with blood. No other individual was present in the room. The woman directly provided details about the remaining roommates and said they had regular arguments, which might be the reason for the death. The police officers directly did an investigation related to the other roommates. As they were quarter, certain details were available about them, and they also agreed that they had murdered their friend.

Kevin Harper


Where exactly is Kevin Harper?

Kevin Harper was the individual who shot the bullet butter in the situation when he was taken in front of the authorities. He played to be not guilty, but after proper jurisdiction, he was convicted of the crime and given a sentence of 10 years in prison in 1994; in the show, it was also mentioned that he was released from prison after his tenure of imprisonment of 10 years was completed. After he was released from prison, no details were available about how he survived his life. He went on to have a private life and maintained no social media account. There are also no clear details available about the individual later on.

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