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Lisa Jennings’ Death: How Did She Pass Away? Who Murdered Her?

Lisa Jennings Death

Since its debut in 1992, NBC’s ‘Dateline’ has dug into one terrible real-life mystery or true-crime story after another to shed light on the dark side of human nature. Of course, its season 26 episode 9, titled ‘A Crack in Everything,’ which explores Lisa Marie Sample Jennings’ terrible Christmas Day 2006 death in her own festive house, is no exception. So, if you want to understand more about the incident — specifically, what happened, the subsequent investigations, the suspected offender, and the aftermath – we’ve covered you.

How Did Lisa Jennings Pass Away?

Lisa, 39, had made a wonderful life in Dallas County, Missouri, as a daughter, sister, wife, mother of three, community member, and independent professional. She co-owned the flourishing Family Af’ Hair Salon in Louisburg with her two sisters before transitioning into a computer technician at PIP Internet Services in Buffalo. As a result, she looked to be living a practically ideal existence surrounded by loved ones, which is why her death in the early hours of December 25 stunned the whole state to its core.

Local officers arrived to a panicked call from the Jennings family home, located north of Buffalo, soon after 2 a.m. on that fateful late 2006 Monday, only to find Lisa lying on her bedroom floor. Half of her unresponsive body (from the midsection up) was inside the master closet, where a simple glance at her and the spatter revealed she’d been shot in the head. Her autopsy revealed that the weapon’s muzzle made skin contact when discharged, that there was gunshot residue on her dominant hand, and that her blood-alcohol level was 0.152%, resulting in her death being ruled a suicide.

Who Murdered Lisa Jennings?

Who Murdered Lisa Jennings


Although Lisa committed herself, it’s important to highlight that the crime scene was initially perplexing to police owing to the inability to find the pistol. Only after they repositioned her bones did they discover a. 38-calibre pistol beneath her legs, suggesting she either didn’t pull the trigger or was transferred from her initial location. By this time, her husband Brad had said he’d cradled her corpse in total sadness after discovering her with the gaping wound before dialling 911, confirming the latter.

Brad said he’d had three or four beers, while his wife had many glasses of wine, but records show his blood-alcohol level was never tested or questioned. He said that when Laci left the family house for her apartment soon after 1:30 a.m. and their argument died, he went outside his separate office to cool down. However, according to his story, his wife died when he arrived a few minutes later and urged his two small children to go to bed after seeing them filling stockings for the following day.

A Potential Murder:

Lisa’s sister, as previously stated, felt she had been killed. Officer Dan Nash examined the blood splatters and saw Lisa’s hand only had one drop, which he assumed would be more if she committed herself. Nash said that there was tiny blood on Brad’s bathrobe, implying Brad shot her. Brad said that it was from cradling her.

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