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Is there a reason why Israeli forces killed Ahmad Daraghmeh?

Ahmad Daraghmeh
Image Source: FirstSportz

The Israeli forces killed Ahmad Darghmeh during a military raid in the northern West Bank city of Nablus. In this raid, more than 24 Palestinians are injured by the Israeli forces. In this article, you will get all the information about this incident in Nablus.

Ahmed Daraghmeh: what did the Israeli forces do to him:

Ahmad Daraghmeh

Image Source: Twitter

Ahmed Daraghmeh was a 23-year-old footballer protesting against the occupied West Bank with his other friends; during the confrontations, Israeli forces shot the young man and wounded other five as told by the Palestinian medics. the 23-year-old Ahmad Atef Mustafa Daraghma, who lived in the northern West Bank city of Tubas, was finally died after serious wounds by Israeli forces. He Played professional football for the Thaqafi Tulkarem football team and was shot in the back and feet.

According to some news websites, he was an excellent player for their team and the leading scorer of the current season with six goals. According to the news, he could not have been wounded by the forces if he had not been involved in the argument.

How did things turn out in Nablus?

The Israeli military said, ” we landed in Nablus with our troops while Palestinians had thrown bombs and fired on our forces; in response, we fired at the Palestinians, and during all this, the “suspect” was hit by the forces. Palestinian organization Hamas is an organization which governs the blockaded Gaza Strip, and Ahmed Daraghmeh was a member of this group.

But still, it is not clear whether he is actively engaged in combat at the time of the incident. If we talk about the official statistics, more the 150 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem this year; all these numbers make 2022 the bloodiest year of Palestinians after 2006. Apart from official data, Palestinian also claimed additional 31 deaths this year.

What happened according to eyewitnesses:

Ahmad Daraghmeh

Image Source: Medico topics

Some eyewitnesses spoke to news reporters ” Isreali army attcked on the Joseph’s Tomb location east of Nablus in a preplaned manner to assure the entry to settlers so they could offer Talmudic prayers”. After that there is clashes started between Israeli forces and Palestinian groups, The Joseph’s Tomb, a very holy place used for Jews, suddenly turned into a scene of the fight.

Biblical patriarch Joseph was buried at the location as claimed by the Jews. The Muslims dispute this claim; they claim that Sheikh Yussef Dawiqat, an Islamic imam, was buried at this place long ago.

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