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Heather Smedley is a person. Meet the Oldham Police Accident Victim

Heather Smedley

Her family recalled a mother-of-three as “kind and compassionate” after being struck by a police cruiser while chasing a suspected stolen automobile. Heather Smedley is the woman’s name. Let us take a deeper look at what occurred.

Heather Smedley: Who Was She?

Heather Smedley, 53, was a devoted mother of three. Heather Smedley was described as the “glue that kept the family together” in a tribute.

What Happened in the Oldham Police Accident?

What Happened in the Oldham Police Accident

Heather Smedley, 53, was hospitalised after being involved in a car collision in Royton, Oldham, at 10:00 GMT.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said officers were pursuing a suspected stolen vehicle before the accident on Oldham Road in Royton. A 53-ye ar-old lady was rushed to the hospital with significant injuries just after 10 a.m. this morning (Friday, December 23); nevertheless, she died. The event had been reported to the independent Bureau of Police Conduct and the GMP’s Professional Standards Division. “Around 10 a.m. today, police chased a suspected stolen car and subsequently undertook a short pursuit,” a GMP spokeswoman said. Soon after, a police vehicle was engaged in a traffic collision, and a 53-year-old woman was brought to the hospital for treatment of severe injuries. Unfortunately, she died soon after getting the finest medical treatment available. According to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), Mrs. Smedley’s automobile was struck by an unmarked police car.

The IOPC Mentioned:

“We know that before to the crash, the police car was chasing a second suspected stolen vehicle.”

Our hearts go out to the woman’s family, friends, and everyone impacted by this awful occurrence. “Our inquiry will examine the circumstances surrounding the crash and whether police responses were by rules and procedures.” I don’t understand why police pursued these high-speed automobile pursuits when many people were maimed and murdered due to a piece of metal on wheels, one person on social media said. A guy was sentenced to two years in jail yesterday for following robbers who attempted to loot his house. During the pursuit of their stolen motorbike, the criminals sustained severe injuries. Why can the cops get away with it? My heartfelt sympathies go out to her family and friends. Christmas will never be the same for her again.

Heather Smedley is Receiving Several Tributes.

According to Catherine Robinson,

I’m sending my heartfelt condolences to Damian Smedley and his family; you’re in my thoughts….absolutely heartbreaking news. She was a lovely person. Rip, I adore you, Heather.

Lynn Hague Shared This.

This is very horrible news! There are no words to convey my heartfelt condolences to Heather’s family and friends xx. These folks have no clue how many lives they have shattered with one careless act.

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