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Dana Crowl: Where is Beverly Crowl’s Daughter Now?

Dana Crowl
Source - Cinemaholic

The town of Independence, Missouri witnessed one of its worst tragedies when 69-year-old retired police officer Beverly Crowl was shot dead in her own home. Although initial investigations pointed to a robbery gone wrong, police soon discovered that Beverly had been the victim of mistaken identity. Netflix’s I Am A Killer: Family Matters chronicles the brutal murder and how Beverly’s family, especially her daughter Dana Crowl, was affected. Let’s dive into the details of the crime and find out Dana’s current whereabouts, shall we?

Who is Dana Crowl?

The programme notes that Beverly had a three-generational family when she passed away. Dana, her daughter, described how her family was very close-knit and did everything together while she was growing up. Despite being divorced, Beverly never let her kids miss having a dad around and did everything she could to make them happy. In actuality, Dana said, they’ve never had a lot of money, but they’ve watched her mother work really hard to provide for all of their needs. Raised in such a setting, Dana grew to be close to her mother and remained so until Beverly’s unexpected and devastating death. The 69-year-old Beverly called her twin sister on March 19, 2010, claiming a guy was pounding on her door and demanding admittance. Dana was immediately informed by the twin, Barbara Lou Draper, but when police arrived to Beverly’s house, they saw her lying in a pool of blood. She had been fatally shot in the head at close range, according to an autopsy that was performed afterwards.

Dana Crowl Now: Where is Beverly Crowl's Daughter Today? Update


Where is Dana Crowl now?

Dana was shocked to learn of her mother’s passing and felt as though her entire world had fallen apart. She did, however, actively collaborate with the police throughout the investigation because she was committed to holding the criminals accountable. The burglary sign first suggested a potential armed robbery, but Beverly’s lack of assets caught the cops off guard. Then they found out about a scheme to rob a nearby drug dealer who resided in the same area and drove a car that resembled the victim’s.

After this lead, the police finally caught up with Anthony Standifer and realized that Beverly was not the real target of the robbery. Though since she was on probation and she saw her face, she decided to end her life on the spot. Although relieved by Anthony’s arrest, Dana attended his trial and played a vital role in his conviction and sentencing.

However, the loss of Beverly still affects Dana massively. She regularly visits her mother’s grave and wishes her good morning every day. Although she featured on the Netflix show to discuss her experiences, she has embraced solitude and wishes to keep her personal life a mystery. Dana appears to be still residing in Independence, Missouri, where she has surrounded herself with family and friends.

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