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What Happened? Why Ashley Banjo and their Wife, Francesca Split? Cause of Split Explained. Explore Here

What Happened Why Ashley Banjo and their Wife, Francesca Split

Ashley Banjo, a diversity star, has announced his divorce from his wife Francesca after a 16-year marriage. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss what happened in further depth. The dancer, 31, and Francesca had been dating for 16 years and were engaged in 2014 before getting married in 2015. On Thursday, they announced their separation 18 months ago on their Instagram accounts. They stated that co-parenting their two children, Rose, three, and Micah, two, will be their priority.

Relationship Between Ashley Banjo and Francesca:

Ashley, 31, proposed to Francesca back in 2014. A year later, the couple married and now have two children. According to the ecstatic father, the ex-children couple Micah, 2, and Rose, 3, will come first. Ashley announced the couple’s divorce on Instagram, noting that the choice had been made 18 months prior. Ashley and Francesca have two children, the first of which is a daughter named Rose, born in 2019. In the early evening of March 26, 2020, Francesca gave birth to the family’s second child, a male named Micah Grace.

Ashley Banjo and Francesca Going to Split:

“After much thinking and consideration, we both feel now is the time to share some personal news,” reads the message on both of their Instagram pages. “We made the painful decision to divorce nearly 18 months ago. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, given that we have been together for over 16 years since we were teenagers. “It has not been easy, and the resolution of the matter has not been quick. However, sharing this information with others is appropriate as we approach the new year.

Ashley Banjo and Francesca Statement About their Split Up:

“Our main emphasis will always be our wonderful children,” she says. “Every decision we’ve made is to ensure that we can remain a loving family and contribute our all as parents.” The most important thing to us is that Rose and Micah grow up in a healthy and happy home. “After so many years, people sometimes drift in different directions, but we do so lovingly and we still endeavour to be the best friends and parents to one other. “We have always been private about our personal lives, and we respectfully request that everyone continue to respect that privacy.” We will not make any additional statements about the subject. Thank you so much, Ash and Chess x.”

Why Ashley Banjo and Francesca Decided to Split Up?

Ashley and Francesca’s first child, a daughter named Rose, was born in 2019. Micah Grace, the family’s second new addition, was born on March 26, 2020, in the early hours of the evening. However, his rigorous schedule forced him to spend time away from his young children. “The recent years have been wonderful,” the danger told The Sun’s Fabulous team. Everyone claims that having children “changes your life,” but you won’t truly comprehend what that means until you go through it. “Kids are the nicest thing that has ever happened to me. But, if I’m being honest, I always feel like I have dad guilt.”

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