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Sentry vs Hulk: Who Would Win & Why? Find Out The Interesting Facts

Sentry vs Hulk Who Would Win & Why

Comics is some of the most extraordinary characters whose strength is nearly unfathomable. We all know that the Hulk is one of the most well-known powerhouses in Marvel Comics, with almost incredible power. Meanwhile, we have Sentry, who, while newer to Marvel than the Hulk, is already one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. Sentry will defeat the Hulk in a fight. While the Hulk’s strength may be comparable to or even higher than Sentry’s, he lacks Sentry’s powers, abilities, and endurance.


The total limits of Sentry’s strength have yet to be determined, but we know that he is enormously strong and can easily lift over 100 tonnes. In that way, he can compete with powerhouses like Thor or even other characters that can lift 100 tonnes or more. Sentry’s strength is also heavily influenced by his mental state, as he is much more powerful when he is psychologically stable. Still, he is powerful enough to give some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comics universe a run for their money. When it comes to the Hulk, his strength has always been his calling card.




Sentry is believed to be nearly invulnerable, which means he is almost entirely immune to injury. Sentry only dies when he wants to die, which makes him vulnerable to attacks in some of the numerous plots he was involved in. That implies he is nearly impossible to kill, as the only people who may harm him are those with cosmic power levels. In The King in the Black tale, for example, Knull was able to rip him apart since Knull is a primordial god who is more powerful than even the Celestials.


Sentry is the most powerful character in the MCU, thanks to his ability to manipulate matter. This permits him to use his molecular makeup at will, and he can even return to the liquid Molecule Man made him into. In addition to other abilities such as flight and teleportation, Sentry can generate and control light and use it as one of his primary weapons. His capabilities are so incredible that Mister Fantastic classifies him as an Omega-level menace and Nick Fury as a Power Level 10.

Who Would Win & Why?

Who Would Win & Why


Sentry and the Hulk did combat in the comics during the World War Hulk storyline when the green giant was at his most potent. We saw how close they were in terms of strength in that fight, but the point about that fight was that Sentry was strong enough to revert the Hulk back to his human form. As a result, there is little doubt that Sentry is stronger than the Hulk, albeit the green behemoth will make it difficult for him to prevail. Sentry, as powerful as he is, was never a well-trained warrior because he received a different level of training than the other Earth-based superheroes. In that way, the Hulk wins this round.

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