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Phoenix Gas station Shooting: Suspect Killed In Murder-Suicide

phoenix gas station shooting

According to police, a guy and a suspect were killed in a murder-suicide at a Phoenix petrol station. According to Phoenix police, the incident occurred around 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. When authorities arrived, they discovered Shane Knoll, a 30-year-old gas station employee, who had been shot. Officers found another male who had been shot in the parking lot. Jaime Flores, 40, was identified as the suspect. According to authorities, Knoll and Flores got into a fight, and during the struggle, Knoll pulled out a revolver. Flores was able to obtain the gun and shoot Knoll.

Police Announced the Victims:

The names of a man and an employee killed in a murder-suicide at a downtown Phoenix gas station on Wednesday afternoon have been published by police. Police have identified the shooter as Jaime Flores, 40, and the gas station employee as Shane Knoll, 30. Officers responded to a Chevron at 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road around 4:40 p.m. and discovered Knoll deceased at the scene from numerous gunshot wounds. Flores was also injured and was found unconscious in the parking lot.

What does the Investigation Say?

During the inquiry, investigators discovered that Knoll tried to persuade Flores to leave the gas station, and the two men eventually began fighting. According to police, Knoll pulled out a gun, but Flores was able to take it from him and shoot Knoll multiple times. According to investigators, Flores allegedly went out of the store before authorities arrived and shot himself in the parking lot. He was rushed to the hospital. Ramon Yslava, who works nearby, said he witnessed the alleged shooter turn the gun on himself. “He stood up, walked into the petrol station, came out, grabbed his cigarettes, packed it twice, took one out, and took two puffs. Knoll’s mother told Arizona’s Family that he dealt with criminality practically every day at the petrol station, regularly phoning police about trespassing incidents. She believes he assisted the community by calling the police when he saw a crime.

Police Held with Immediate Action:

According to records, Quintero started to leave again but returned to the victim and reshot him for the third time. After the incident, Quintero approached the petrol station and informed the woman behind the counter that he was handing himself in. He then emptied his pockets on the counter, including a chrome revolver. When police arrived on the scene, they arrested Quintero and booked him into the Maricopa County Jail on charges of first-degree murder and possessing a weapon by a banned person. Quintero was previously convicted of burglary, weapons misbehaviour, and aggravated assault.

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